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Recap: Horse Doctor Episode 11

I like Lee Yo Won so I decided to watch her new drama "Horse Doctor". I had never recap any drama series before and I find it very tiring (watch, capture, write). I decided on just recapping this drama starting from episode 11 since I suddenly *bling bling* wanted to (dunno why.. maybe because there's no one recapping it?)

I recapped it just for my pleasure (only important scenes between Baek Gwang Hyeon - Kang Ji Nyeong - Lee Song Ha - Princess Suk Hwi)

Basically it is about:

A Medical drama about the life of a low-class veterinarian of that era who was a horse doctor then becoming a high official as a court physician in charge of the king's health in the late period of the Joseon Dynasty.

Horse Doctor Episode 11

Baek Gwang Hyeon – BGH
Kang Ji Nyeong – KJN
Princess – P
Lee Song Ha – LSH

Start from where BGH treated a puppy beside P.  P looks at BGH in admiration and feel bashful but doesn’t stop her from letting BGH’s hand off hers even though she feels nervous at first when their hands touched.

How funny that in a shock state that someone touches her hand, she took hers off but then slips it back again under BGH’s just having pleasure of somewhat ‘hand-holding’ with him . A moment later BGH realized that his hand touched the royal princess’ that he stuttered and immediately apologize of his ‘bad’ manners. P said that she doesn’t mind it and places BGH’s hand again under hers while holding the puppy..
Just look at BGH’s face when she said that.. Confuse on ‘WHY??’ How cute~~  

After an awkward moment between them, BGH continue to pick his needle for the treatment and P keeps checking him out.. Haha

OMG.. this princess is quite ‘naughty’ and brazenly tried to plant a kiss on him!!

1st try:

Failed! He turned to put down his needles.

  2nd try:

Close enough….
Failed again! The puppy makes a noise and BGH bend down to it.
Funny that P sighs frustratingly. BGH just continues to treat the dog clueless on what P trying to do to him. ^^
In the meantime, KJN runs towards their spot to meet P (when P supposedly wants to meet with KJN).

3rd try:
Successful!! With a loud “Chukkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”
Shocked BGH~~ hehe
Poor guy.. panicked BGH tries to explain reason or some excuse on why ‘that kind of accident’ happened.. (not his fault though..haha). They panicking and keep trying to look around to make sure no one saw ‘that’. Yeah..except that KJN had already SAW it~
Then enter my Lee Sang Woo, LSH who came to find KJN stand there panicking? Too much Shock? Jealousy? Hurt?  
P trying to explain that she obviously “went ‘insane’ for a moment”, but BGH cut her by blaming himself that he was sitting too close to her that when he turned his head… that ‘accident’ happened.. ~there goes the innocent boy… ^^ 
And P gladly accepted the excuse as to cover up and too embarrassed on her action.  

BGH – keeps apologizing         P – keeps accepting and ‘blaming’ that is his fault
BGH: Please forgive me.
P: No, no, no. (Really meant it, coz it’s actually her doing ^^). It’s alright (Of course.. it’s your fault actually ;p). But don’t let it happen again.. (Are you sure, princess?? That ‘you’ won’t do it again?)

P keeps fidgeting and looks around to make sure that NO ONE saw it…. ^^ How funny and cute that she keeps tapping BGH’s shoulder coz she’s embarrassed.
KJN turns around in shocked state and run into LSH. LSH asked if there’s something wrong since her face show that ‘there is something wrong’. She said there is nothing wrong. LSH explain that P meet with BGH and KJN plays dumb, pretending that she didn’t know about it and explain that maybe because P’s cat needed treatment since BGH once treated it.

Both are embarrassed..
P telling her aide that she might be ‘INSANE’… hahaha.. juz because she throw herself onto a man~
Outside the house, BGH just feels relieved and kind of absurd things to happen. He’s admiring a horse which happened to be LSH’s and run into him when he’s about to go outside. BGH asks LSH about KJN’s condition since she was recovering from her sickness last time assuming that those two were close. LSH hinting BGH that KJN is ‘someone’ that BGH should know, but letting him to know about it from KJN herself (the fact that KJN is a noble lady, not just a mere nurse). Poor BGH, he’s just confuse~ 

Back to our ‘naughty’ princess..

She just slumped over the table after telling her aide her ‘kiss on cheek’ stunt on BGH.

P: He was so close and my heart was pounding… and he was as cute as Dolly and…. (Are you sure he looks cute like a kitten?? That’s cute.. hehehe).
Her aide told her not to meet BGH again in order to restrain her heart and action towards BGH. “Out of sight, Out of Mind”. Seriously??
It’s funny how her aide keep reprimanding her and suddenly P catches on her aide’s words of “Reckless”… how dare an aide told a princess that she’s Reckless.. hahaha… that deserves 100 bows and pleading guilty of her death~

KJN returns to her room and think about P’s feeling for BGH is that serious.

KJN returns to her work at the stables with the horse doctors hovering over her while BGH keep himself with a horse/pony??. KJN just passes him by since she seems that she can’t face him since the incident.

Look at him, then make her way…
BGH just can let it pass… and calls her.. since she greeting others but him alone..

She’s not making excuses and say her hello to him.. and got a reply that he misses her. She purely seems touched that he ‘misses’ her…

“You missed me?’
Just to get told that he ‘missess her strong shoveling skill’! hahaha
BGH just jokingly said that… and he glad that she’s fine now and worried that she might leave them to be at at the clinic.

BGH is wondering and asking KJN about the ‘noble’ he met in Icheon (which is LSH) and what kind of relationship that both of them had (well, a non-related siblings? Which the younger bro had a crush on his big sister?) 
KJN panicked and can’t really tell him about LSH since it will expose her true class as a noble lady from a high class community.. a VERY high class….
BGH still manage to joke around assuming that the noble man is her ‘secret man’ or something, saying that he just ‘worried’ for her (she could be hurt over a man he thinks so..) “Noble – Nurse “ won’t do. Hahaha
KJN expresses her argument that will NEVER happened!! (yeah..must be your only thought, not LSH though). She almost wanted to tell him, but got cut off by BGH collegues that wanted to see KJN.
LSH who passes the civil exam and ranked top honors hurriedly went to the stable to find KJN to pass the news but she is seen running to the clinic to see the problem that BGH brought from the island (where BGH perfomed acupuncture on his collegue that had a chest pressure-the collegue unconscious after the treatment, but he could be dead if nothing had been done).
KJN shows concern over BGH’s problem since he’d done it in order to save a person’s life.
BGH has been treated badly by all just because he made a person unconscious because of his treatment. KJN convinced him that the person isn’t unconscious because of his treatment, in fact that he saved his live.
LSH waited for KJN at her quarters to meet her but KJN keeps worrying about BGH’s future in case the person died.
KJN hoping that the person will live for BGH’s sake.
LSH just can’t take it that KJN worrying about others.
LSH just left KJN’s room without telling her of his achievement. 
P misses her supposely path to meet the Queen and got reminded by her aide. The path she’s going is to the ROYAL STABLE.. ^^

 She’s been missing BGH for …. 4 DAYS??
She asked to take a peek on him, but get reminded by her aide that she’s already promised not to ever meet BGH again.
P’s took a glance and get reminded AGAIN.. hehe
P’s meeting with the Queens and they told her about her upcoming wedding..

P just so surprised and shocked upon the news and says that she isn’t ready for a marriage since she have things to do yet (something to do with BGH perhaps?).. That statement puzzled both Queen.. hee
In her room, P just crying over her marriage’s news proclaiming that she loves another man, how can she get married to others?
A servant come anxiously into her room while carrying Dolly (P’s cat) and claiming that something had happened in the stable and it’s about BGH. P’s aide strictly dispells the servant without letting her spills the news to P. 
P feels frustrated about it..
Meanwhile, KJN reminded by the police officer/assassin that LSH had achieved top honors and is celebrating it at the restaurant (where BGH is) and she rushes over there blaming herself an idiot for not even remember the result came out (she’s too busy worrying over BGH, that’s why).

She rushes there wearing a noble lady’s attire..
As BGH is leaving the restaurant, he run into KJN who rushes there to meet witk LSH..
BGH asking KJN why she’s here and KJN seems to shocked to see him with the proper noble lady’s attire. Then LSH’s friends saw her and said ‘Agassi’ which alerted BGH.
BGH is so confused at the moment and ask KJN what of all this ‘Agassi’ calling by the noblemen. KJN just starting to explain while there are police officers coming to the restaurant..
Meanwhile BGH is assuming that KJN is a noble..

BGH wondered that KJN had been faking her identity all this while.. KJN looks hurt and sorry.
The police officers looking for BGH and capture him.

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