Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bola? Menang? KF? Kecoh?? Cuti la!!

Team Malaysia menang Piala Suzuki AFF 2010... PM umumkan cuti esok, 31/12/2010... erm, tu jek yang aku tau~~ hehehehe

Aku dari dulu memang xminat tengok bola nie... tapi sejak2 aku tau yang adik sepupu aku nie kapel ngn penjaga gol team Malaysia, barula aku nak jenguk2 TV tu (jenguk jek, aku still xminat nk tgk~~ ^^). Yela, kecoh org skrg pasal si Fahmi, penjaga gol yang sangat hebat (org katela..aku xtgk.. tp mmg hebat la kalu dpt kawal gol dgn cemerlang kn??). Masa dulu2 cousin aku nie br kapel ngn dier, ade gak r die ngn mak dier (aunty aku ler) kecoh2 kat aku yang muke BF cousin aku nie macam mamat Korea. Yela, mentang2la aku nie minat Korea kan...saje jek nak 'panaskan' ati aku... hahahaha.. xdela... xpanas pon... tapi muke mamat tu lebih pada muke org Cina (aku xnk ngaku gak tu..hehe).

Tapi betullah.. masa dulu org xknl sape Khairul Fahmi nie..tapi skrg dh fames woohh.. kefamesan dier pon tempias gak kat cousin aku nie (aku?? xpela.aku low profile jek~~ cewahhh!! hahahaha).

Tapi kan... mcm aku selalu cakap, sume orang ade hak nak tulis pape kat blog masing2.. tapi masih gak ade org yg kutuk mengutuk kat blog org... sian plak aku tgk cousin aku nie kne hentam teruk ngn org2 yang agak 'jeloss' atas ke'couple'an diorg nie?? (fuhh....rosak bahasa aku arini). Biarlah die nak tulis ape2 pon psl cinta dier..kalu meluat, xyah la bace..kan senang?? Diorg ni nak juga bace.. lps tu komen2 truk lagi..

Yang lagi kelakar, ade plak sanggup 'likes' page dlm FB, lps tu kutuk.. pe kejadah ko nak 'like', then ko kutuk kan?? erm..maybe sbb blom ade page 'We hate .......' kot?? huhuhu..

Xnak citer lebih2..nanti kate tumpang populariti lak..wahahaha~tak kuase I........ ^^

Papepon.. Bola menang..kita dpt cuti!! tapi aku dah memang cuti sok sbb TM cuti sempena ganti New Year~~


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"You're Beautiful"'s Flaw...

I'm back after 2 weeks on hiatus!!??? hehehe

I don't know what to write these days but suddenly I remembered a shower scene (why must a shower scene??? ~nose bleeding~ ^^) in You're Beautiful / 미남이 시네요... It was in episode 2 where Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu trapped in a shower room with a bunch of guys (fellow trainees + A.N Jell members minus Hwang Tae Kyung) after taking shower. 

This scene shows how shocked she was when 'accidentally' seeing them NAKED (well, u knows that Korean men and women are used to wears NOTHING when they're shower...especially in jimjilbang ;p)

"A nun-to-be" watching naked guys.. cute cloud to cover it up though~~ ^^

But, did they cover it right?? It supposed to show that these guys were naked!! So, what about this??
They're wearing boxers! (reflection from the mirror.. my perverted eyes!) hahahaha...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mary Stayed Out All Night manhwa...

Thanks to Facebook Group: Mary Stayed Out All Night that always keep the news about the drama up-to-date. I love it when they posted Mary Stayed Out All Night manhwa link for us to read!! Yeayy..

This chapter is really funny... Mary's dad spotted a couple is making out in front of his house..

Mary & Mu Gyul are kissing in front of Mary's house

Dad spotted that is his daughter..with Kang Mu Gyul!!

Dad tried to distract them by stomping the door..

This is funny.. they're too preoccupied in making out that they didn't even heard the noise. Dad tried again...hahahahaha
And this time, A LOT!!!!
Look at Dad's face expression.. priceless!!
Noticed.. Their reaction??? hahahahaha...
Pic. Credit: Daum 만화 속세상 - 매리는 외박중 (Chapter 134)

Since I took Korean Language as my 3rd language in my Uni days, so reading Hangeul is the least I can do. The meaning? I can understand simple and basic Korean, but if the words are not familiar, i will try to find the meaning via Korean dictionary or the easiest way is to Google Translate.. hehehehe...

 The manhwa is worth to read.. i can understand most of the dialogues... *^^*

Monday, December 6, 2010


Yesterday morning me and my parents went to my younger brother's in law's house at Kg Raja Uda, Pelabuhan Klang to see my one-month-old niece, Alya Aleesya~~

Alya Aleesya Bt Amar Effendy

 In the afternoon I went out to AEON (Jaya Jusco) Bukit Tinggi with my little brother (Aminul) and my two since-highschool-friends (Shai & Maya) to watch "Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hallows (part 1)". Before that, I bought two old Korean Dramas that is on clearance stocks at Speedy.. What do i mean by 'Clearance Stock??"
The Price!!! and each consists of 18-28 episodes..OMG...

"Secret" and "Spring Days".. only RM9.90 each.. who didn't want to buy them?? ^^

The original price for the CDs (after i unwrap the plastic covers)

Secret-RM79.90 ; Spring Days-RM139.90

Then we went to KFC to fill our hunger... we're HUNGRY!!!

KFC Jom Jimat Box B!! hahahaha..

Then at 2pm, we went in TGV to watch Harry Potter..

RM14?? The most expensive movie tix i'd ever bought...huhuhu
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I love this part...
Too many Harry.. Harrys??

The only thing that i hate when watching this film is the SOUND EFFECT!! yess...especially when they did the Teleportation thing... everytime they're teleporting, the sound effect of it will startles me....and i did screamed too because of the shock... Gosh..if i have a heart attack problem, i would die there instantly~~huhuhuhu

Overall, it was an interesting movie..except [Spoiler: Don't Highlight it u don't want to know..hehehe] that it was so sad that Dobby died in this movie.... he was so 'cute' [is the word proper for him??] hahahaha.. He loves Harry so much and he helped Harry and his friends a lot too!! That damn lady (don't remember her name) threw that damn dagger towards him when they're teleporting... *cries*

After the movie, I went straight home to make a homemade ice-cream.

After ice-cream making, I got so tired and sleepy.. I went to sleep at 715pm, intentionally want to wake up at 930pm by setting up the alarm... But at the end??

I overslept until 3am the next morning....

The alarm??

I don't remember hearing it~~



Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mengemas dan menonton...

Arini aku mengemas2 CD2 dan DVD2 + komik2 + Novel yang berterabur (definisi terabur?? bygkan jela) dalam almari... Lupe lak nak amik gambar sebelum abis kemas..

Tapi ni rupenyer lepas dah bersusun balik~~

Baru npk tersusun..kalu x~~

1st Front Row (Below): Korean Movies
2nd Middle Row (Below): Korean Dramas
3rd Back Row (Below): Japanese Dramas

1st Front Row (Above): Anime + Burned Movies & Dramas
Back Row (Above): Korean + Taiwanese + Japanese Movies & Dramas
CD+DVD File: English Movies

Novel+Komik nie xtau nak letak ktner..xde tpt dah~~
Last2..terbiar jek kat lantai mcm tu.. malas dah nak mengemas~ hehehehe


Arini aku tengok citer "GP506: The Guard Post", tapi xabis2 lg.. bukan xbest, tapi banyak sgt godaan kat Internet yang wat aku asik 'pause' jek videonyer (sampai skrg nie)... hehehehe

GP506... best citernyer.. xtgk abis lg nie~~

Selain tu, ade 1 lagi citer yang 'terbantut' nak abiskan menontonnyer.. MOTHER.. beli sebab nk tgk Won Bin..lame dh dier xblakon~~

Terbantut nak sambung tgk sebab jalan citer awal2 mcm bosan sket.. sebab ape bosan?? sebab subtitle macam bangang... beli ORI nie.. tapi subs macam ???
So aku pon memalaskan diri nak sambung tgk.. maybe biler aku dah bosan tahap giler baru aku sambung tgk.. skrg nie DVD tu aku wat pekasam dulu la~~

Semalam (3/12/2010), aku, Nur Ekin (tauke kantin sek), Kak Pi (acik Cleaner sek) beserta Kak Zura (pembantu prasekolah) g tgk wayang kat Aeon Cheras Selatan, Balakong...

"Ngangkung"..lawak giler...

Tadi lak baru jek tgk citer "Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak 2".. Org lain dh lama tgk, aku baru terhegeh nak beli... hehehe

Lawak gak....^^

Sok nyer plan lak nak tgk Harry Potter ngn cik Shai ngn cik Maya.. jadi ke x nie??

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Korean Dramas Live Recap

I don't live in Korea, but i still can watch Korean dramas from the Internet especially KBS channel. KBS channel is a lot better view than others. I seldom watch SBS live channel because the channel always stuck when buffers.

I always watch [KBS Live Channel] (works only in Internet Explorer) every Monday and Tuesday to watch Mary Stayed Out All Night.

I tried to watch Secret Garden at [SBS Live Channel] (works only in Internet Explorer) every Saturday and Sunday, but every time the channel get stuck and i could only hear their voices but the screen froze.

The best solution i could get when i couldn't watch the live dramas is by reading [Souls Rebel live recap] for Mary Stayed Out All Night (MSOAN) and Secret Garden (SG). And what do i mean with 'live recap'?? He/She really recap the dramas LIVE (during broadcast)!! Every 5 minutes i would refresh the page so that i know what's going on with the dramas at the time. THUMBS UP for that person!! He/She is a Korean American, but more American than Korean. He/She revealed that information before recapping Mary Stayed Out All Night for episode 7 last night.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ada macam2 jenis bloggers kat dunia Internet nie...

Blogger yang berblog pasal aktiviti harian sendiri (macam aku)

Blogger yang berblog pasal artis/drama kegemaran masing2 (macam aku jugak)

Blogger yang berblog pasal ekonomi negara (bukan aku)

Blogger yang berblog pasal politik (bukan aku jugak)

Blogger yang berblog untuk menghentam blog org lain (aku ke?? x rasenyer)

Blogger yang 'syok sendiri'..camner tu??

Blogger yang berblog hanya utk kepuasan diri sendiri (org lain jgn masuk campur!! or else, i'll bash u back!!) ^^

Monday, November 29, 2010


Agak terkejut bile member aku suh bace sorang nyer entry blog arini. Kelakar bile orang tu kate aku childish?? (Owh..dier 'ter'bace blog aku rupenyer). Rasenyer lagi childish bile orang tu bash aku dengan kata2 yang sangat 'tak sopan' dan agak keterlaluan hanya kerana entry aku yang berasaskan pendapat aku (xde pon bashing die ke pe). I'm only curious~~ CURIOSITY KILLS THE CAT?? (am i a cat?? oopps, xleh wat lawak bodoh, nti ade org marah ^^)

Bak kata pepatah "Kalu makan cili, rasela pedasnyer"....

Aku ade mengata dier ker?? yang sampai emotional sgt tu??

Pelikla manusia nie... tak suke orang hentam kata-kata dier, tapi dier dengan kasarnya hentam orang?? Boleh plak??

Dik oi..kalu 'ter'bace lagi, rileks2 r... jgn EMO sgt... bknnyer dpt duit pon nak hentam2 org mcm nie.. Semua orang ade minat masing2.. tak perlu emo sgt nak hentam orang... Saya tak mengata, bagi pendapat (no bashing intended) jek pon tak boleh ker?? MARAH sungguh...

 Susahla kalu kite pikir kite jek yang betul kn??

I know you are an educated person, but MIND YOUR LANGUAGE~~

~Peace, No War~

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Super Junior?? Suju?? SJ??

Nape tibe2 aku nak post pasal Suju nie??

Old pic from 2006, Single 'U' Album?

Erm..sebab minah nie yang mula2 nak post, tapi tak lengkap2 gak.. Tibe2 aku lak yang bersemangat nak tulis pasal diorg nie. Start dari aku mula kenal kumpulan nie?

Biler tu??

Rasenye awal tahun 2009...hahahaha. Peminat fanatik SJ mesti gelakkan aku sebab punye lamela baru aku nak kenal diorg nie (SJ debut tahun 2005). Mana taknyer, aku hanya minat drama2 Korea dari awal tayangan Winter Sonata lagi.. Tahun biler tu? Tahun 2002. So, dari situ aku hanya minat sume lagu2 dari OST (Original Sound Track) utk sume drama Korea yang aku penah tgk dan minat.

Dunia Kpop?? Aku langsung xkenal sape2 atau mana2 kumpulan idol (perkataan 'Idol' pon aku xtau digunakan utk band2 muda Korea).^^

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boku Ga Iru.... Mary Stayed Out All Night picture??

This picture was revealed in Episode 4 when Mary was flipping through a book and found it. It shown that a young Mary was piggy-backed by young Jung In, but the-now-adult Jung In doesn't have a slight memory of it even though he was already 8 years old at that time (Mary was 4).

There's been a 'huge' different with these 2 photos, when it's suppose to be the same picture.

Can you spot the difference?

Picture 1
This picture was held by Mary when she found it first

Picture 2
Picture shown by Mary to Jung In

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Newly Dramas: Secret Garden


SBS :: Sat-Sun :: 9.45pm

Starring: Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Sa Rang, Phillip Lee

Ha Ji Won is back again!! Last i watched her in Hwang Jini drama (with noticeably our young Jang Geun Seuk then ..) 

Hyun Bin too!! The last time i watched him in The World They Lived In (with Song Hye Gyo..the current GF??). Erm, i didn't watch his 'Friend, Our Legend' drama though...

Yoon Sang Hyun?? The 1st time i watched him in 'Take Care of Our Lady' and then i noticed him in 'Marrying a Millionaire'.. hahahaha...

Kim Sarang? I like her name: SARANG ; meaning 'LOVE'. I watched her drama 'Mina' for the 1st time a long time ago.. and lastly in 'A Love to Kill' alongside Rain and Shin Mina.

Phillip Lee?? Erm..heard of his name before..but hadn't watched any of his dramas~ ^^

Secret Garden's Chart

Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally...some work..but??

For the past two days i've been busy with work?? Can i call it WORK?? yup..maybe??

To start it with, a man (our company's some kind of boss) called me on Tuesday night (yeah..ladies night ^^), informing about the canceled meeting for early tomorrow at TM Cyberjaya (yeah, 'that' was sudden news too before). Thought that i would be glad to hear about that.. A' ah...Nope! He told me that even though the meeting was canceled, but I had to go to some school at KL early tomorrow morning~~


I asked him, "What?? me alone??"(the thought of driving KL on top of that.. SCARES me)

He replied, "No..both of u, with Aidiyusuf Amran (the other PGS)"...

Huh..that made me relieved a bit~ he's my friend and i'm really glad that it's with him... ^^ (a man..someone reliable if we ever get lost in KL town?? hehehe)

Back to main story..we have to go to SMK Seri Saujana at KL...uhh..where is it again?? KL... do i know KL very well?? NOPE!!! so?? i have to ask uncle Google's son.. Google Map~~

Mr Map.. owh Mr. Map.. so, where is this SMK Seri Saujana?? i need to go from Hulu Langat.. owh, need to mention this, i'm the one whose driving~~ why? what about the MAN i told before? hmm..he's not used to drive other's MANUALLY DRIVE car... sigh.....

So..after some searching with Mr Map..this is the result:

Supposedly it will only takes only around 33minutes to arrive there, but how long did we took?? 1 hour!!! why? well..we did get lost around there..and there..and many places started from here:
We should take left turn, but we missed it~ so the lost journey start then.. ^^

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cicak Kobing??

Apa reaksi korang kalu korang tiba-tiba rasa nak terkucil yang teramat sgt.... korang masuk bilik air a.k.a tandas, and korang nampak ini....betul2 kat lantai depan pintu masuk tandas tu (nak maklumkan, tu jela tandas yang korang nak masuk)~

Tengok gambar nie (abaikan samada lantai tu bersih ke tak..sebab bukan keje aku nak mencucinyer...)


Reaksi orang pompuan kalu nampak menatang nie??

1. Menjerit2 macam histeria kejap...lepas tu lari lintang-pukang (dah tak heran nak terkucil tuh)
2. Menjerit terkejut jek..then dok perhatikan menatang nie (sambil2 berdoa yang menatang tu leh belah cepat2)
3. Tak terkejut mana pon..sempat lak 'mengucilkan' diri sambil sembur2 hos air ke menatang tu supaya keluar dari situ.
4. Tak terkejut, tapi over excited lak tengok menatang 'comei' nie.. hilang sume rasa nak terkucil tu. Sempat lak pegi cari kotak/plastik/ape2 jela yang boleh menempatkan menatang nie (pengumpul cicak maybe???).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Item...after Mr. Nokia and Mr. Toshi

I bought new item today.. it's Mr. Olympus!! A new Digital Camera for me~~ (I never had my own digital camera).. me, Nur Ekin and her mother (Norhayati Saiddin) went to Tesco Semenyih to buy some ingredients for school tomorrow... and we passed this camera+handphones corner.. usually we didn't even stop by.. but what had CAUGHT our eyes???? OLYMPUS Digital Camera that is on sale with only RM599 + 8GB Memory Card (Free)... I was like "OMG...if only i had enough money~~"

At first, it is acik Yati that wanted to buy the camera and picked up the Red colour.. While the cashier/salesman is busy filling up some form, she asked me..

"Come Amy, buy one..."

But, the broke (no money) me said, 

"I don't have enough money..(sob sob)"

Being the ever good godmother to me, she said..

"It's ok, just take one, i paid it using my credit card, then you can paid it back to me by installment every month.."

My reaction???

Of course...OMG again (plus a bit embarassed..being broke)!!
Thanks acik Yati~~

Then the salesman showed me the other two colours; Black and White. Black is being too common colour for cameras. White is gorgeous, but i can't handle any white things!! they can easily get dirtied by me..hehehe. Acik Yati then said that she likes white more than red, so we switched them. I took the Red one, she took the White one.. DEAL!!
Need to recharge it up to 6 hours~~ ^^

~Extremely Happy~

Monday, November 1, 2010

What's your biggest phobia?

Eating instant mee fried?? got the most ugly sickness moment last time..

Ask me anything

Aku menangis...

Sedey tak terkata arini.. aku menangis kat sekolah.. (nape?? cikgu pukul ker??).. Xdela, aku nangis sebab....

i) Aku cek Cimbclicks..gaji xmasuk lagi
ii) Aku kol agensi tny..diorg kate borang Annual Leave aku yg bln lps xde kt diorg
iii) Aku kol pihak atasan aku tny psl borang tu.. dier leh kate 'xde..' (padahal ramai saksi nampak borang aku tu dh pass kt dier.. siap dier dh COP!!!!!)
iv) Pihak atasan aku nak lepas tgn, dier passkan panggilan ke org lain (yg kononnyer uruskan borang2 faks ke agensi tu)
v) Paling sedey org tu marah aku balik (kononnyer aku tgikan suare kt ade??? aku tgh frust gler time tu)
vi) Org tu hung up kol tu..
vii) Lepas tu?? aku NANGIS.............

Sedey sbb aku dh wat sume prosedur gaji ngn betul.. tb2 lak jadi cmnie.. org lain dh dpt gaji, aku terkial2 tgk baki akaun bank ada/tgl RMehem2 jek.. tambah lg aku kene marah atas bende yang aku xsalah pon... 

Mentang2 la aku jenis xreti nak maki hamun..... gaji org wat main2... cube kalu gaji dier org wat cmtu?? cpt lak dier naik angin...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pics tell everything...damn lazy to write today ^^


School's Canteen

Kungfu Meehoon??


Metro Point Kajang

Sony DSLR Alpha: Did I bought this??'s bought by Miss Nur Ekin and her mom... ^^

Hj. Samuri's Sate Kajang

Hj Samuri Sate Kajang.. yummy or not??



Student: Miss Amy, nape tak makeup arini?? (mmg aku xmakeup arini)
The most pathetic answer i gave after a long pause of hesitation...

Me: Makeup dah abis.. (~.~)'

P/S: Huduss sangatkah wajahku tanpa makeup?? light makeup je pon..uhuks...

Friday, October 22, 2010

[Girl+Girl] Vs [Boy+Boy]

Kalu korang bace title nie, pe yang korang pikir dulu?? Mesti ade yang kate..

"Pe la yang si Amy nak cite nie??"

Xpon.. ade yang ber'otak' kuning (aku xtau dari mana orang dapat istilah 'otak kuning' tu, otak kite wane kuning ker??) yang pikir bukan2.. Bukan2 yang macam mana tu?? ha... ni yang aku nak cakap.

Situasi [1]:
Kalu korang tengok 2 orang pompuan (sahkan yg diorg mmg pompuan sejati dulu) berpegangan tangan masa shopping berdua atau beramai2, pe korang fikir??

i) Diorang ni Best Friend...Kawan Baik...Girls Best Friends..
ii) Diorang nie Lesbian??

*Kalu otak korang ni sangat bersih/suci a.k.a baik, mesti korang akan kate yang nombor 1 tadi. Tapi ade jek orang berotak kotor dan kate yang nombor 2. Ade ker?? memang ade...

Tapi kalu korang tengok lelaki sesama diorang berpegangan tangan, tak kisahla beramai2 atau berdua sahaja.. Ape yg korang fikir???? Nombor i atau ii? ^^ [Lu pikirla sendiri..]

So innocent....

Situasi [2]:
Kalu sesama pompuan bergurau2 manja, korang rasa camner?? pelik ker?? Kalu korang normal, of course korang kate TAK PELIK.. sebab pompuan memang suke bergurau2 dan bermanja2 sesama diorang.

Tapi kalu korang nampak sesama lelaki bergurau2 manja.. camner lak tu?? pe yang korang terlintas kat otak?? Ade rase pelik sket tak?? [OK, simpan fikiran tu kat otak korang sendiri..]

Conclusion nyer kat sini..aku nak cakap yang FRIENDSHIP antara [Boy+Boy] dengan [Girl+Girl] adalah berbeza!! (aku maksudkan dalam konteks 'sihat' k; takde pesong2).

Kenapa aku nak bercerita psl bende nie?? Sebab ade orang (ehem2) yang wat assumption aku nie LES!! Huuiiii...angin 1 badan aku nie..... Atas alasan dier?? 

Perbualan aku ngan best friend aku dalam status FB agak 'meloyakan' dier kot~~ iyer ker??

PLEAZZZ r... bese la pompuan sesama pompuan bergurau2.. name pon kawan 7 tahun. Kitorg paling memahami sesama sendiri.. Hanya sebab aku takde BF, ko nk wat assumption yang aku nie LES?? Giler ke ape????!!! aku masih waras k...

Soalan paling '' NGERI" a.k.a 'MEREMANGKAN SELURUH BADAN AKU' dari orang tu kat aku:

"Korang nie dah terlanjur ker??"

Huuhhhh... kalu la time tu dier dpn mate aku, mungkin wat pertama kalinyer tangan aku naik ke muke orang!!

Ko tak kenal kitorg betul2, tapi selamba badak (ade bela badak ker??) ko jek nak kate kitorg mcm tu.. Tapi mungkin ade bagus jugak ko tanya direct, dari ko sebarkan cerite tak betul n tak senonoh tu kat orang lain. Tapi berpada2 la kn??

Puas aku dah explain banyak kali tapi ko tetap nak letak komen terlampau dan mengarut2 kat kitorg.. tolongla pikir perasaan orang lain.. bile dah selalu ko komen mcm tu, lame2 org ingat bende tu betul.. maruah sape yg jatuh?? pikirla sket... xkan nak aku selalu delete komen2 ko kn??

**Tolongla fahami pompuan dulu sebelum ko wat penilaian yang menjatuhkan martabat pompuan.. sebab bakal isteri ko pon seorang pompuan (confirm pompuan tak??..). Fikir pe ko rasa kalu orang tuduh dier mcm tu nanti??**

[Aku tak marah..just nak ko paham ^.^]

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ada ape pada tarikh 20.10.2010??

20.10.2010~~ tarikh yang selalu aku cakapkan pada orang..sebab nombor tu cantik (selain dr 10.10.10 tula).. Cantik sungguh untuk dibuat majlis pernikahan. Confirm ingat nyer tarikh indah~

Tapi ape kene ngan aku arini?? langsung tak ingat tarikh tu jatuh pada hari ni....

Nak kata aku tak tengok kalendar arini, yer...aku mmg tgk!! 
tapi..... aku masih tak perasan...

 Situasi 1:
               Aku tgk jam kat lappy sebab nak tengok masa untuk turun gi breakfast.. ape yg aku npk sekali??

Ada nampak tarikh?? Aku xnampak....   

Situasi 2: 
             Aku ade baca KLC junior aku nyer status dier kat Facebook psl tarikh 20.10.2010...

Still?? aku masih xperasan!!

Situasi yang membuatkan aku sedar arini 20.10??
Radio HotFM... yang hari2 aku dengar Panggilan Hangit tiap2 kol 7.10pg  masa on the way ke sekolah... balik sekolah kol 430 tadi aku dengar diorg dok cakap pasal tarikh arini, dimana org sibuk wat majlis pernikahan~~ time tu la aku kate 

"Ehhhhh???? Arini ker???? patutla pon...."

Tarikh keramat yang dulunyer aku asik mention dan suke... tapi aku leh tak ingat??? --> sebab aku dok risau BIG BOSS nak dtg cek aku kat sekolah.... tapi tak datang pon~~~~ buang karen tol!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parking Kete

Dulu aku pernah mention pasal masalah berebut parking kete kat umah sewa. Lot umah ade 4, lot parking pon ade 4 la.. . umah kitorg yang 1 nie pon dah ade 4 bijik kete (Kancil, Myvi, Viva ngan Perdana), 1 moto (kak Jun nyer). 3 orang dari kitorg ni pon dah occupied sampai 3 lot parking (yang Viva tu sebab dier br jek beli n bwk kete ke cni). Umah sebelah 1 biji kete (Kelisa).

Mcm ni la.. 

Umah yang paling hujung hanya ade sebijik moto (fine..xmasuk carta berebut parking, sbb park dlm lot umah dier jek). 

Umah kedua, umah kitorg (ade 4 org, 4 bijik kete <--- mmg masalah!!). 

Umah ketiga, sebijik Kelisa, 1 moto. 

Umah keempat, sebijik lori!! (ha, tu mmg xde masalah sgt sbb dier dah amik bhgn parking tepi (mmg xleh kacau, sbb tu dier nyer tpt..kononnyer la..sbb Yati penah kene 'notis' sbb amik tpt parking lori dier tu).

Balik kepada tpt parking..ade 4 lot~

Lot pertama (yg dalam): Kete Kak Ina -- Perdana
Lot kedua (sebelah): Kete aku -- Kancil
Lot ketiga (sebelah lagi): Kete Kak Jun -- Myvi
Lot keempat (paling tepi dan last): Kete Kelisa (jiran sebelah)

Kalu orang lain, agak2 rasa nak marah x, 1 umah sampai 3 kete conquer parking space?? kalu aku jadi 'org lain' tu, aku marah gak~~ huhuuhu...

So, nak menambahkan kerumitan parking kete nie, umah sebelah yang ade Kelisa tadi ni baru beli kete Honda City plak~~ aduhh..bertambah2 kete.. Kete Honda tu diorg park kt tpt bese diorg park Kelisa, yg Kelisa lak park kt dpn umah diorg...yang parah lagi, kete yati xleh lagi park kt belakang kitorg, sbb kete Kelisa xleh nak kua pagi2 sbb kete Yati akan block laluan kete dier nak kua dari umah... 

SO?? cmner nie??

Aku (dgn baik atinyer arini) meng'offer'kan diri utk bawak masuk kete aku ke dpn umah yg sempit tu.. sbb napak Yati termangu2 nak pikir untuk park kete kat mana.... So, dgn bantuan kak Jun, drive secara reverse, utk masuk parking ke dpn umah (sbb aku paling takut drive reverse jln sempit!! uhuks..)

Hebat Kak Jun masukkan kete aku.. sempit tau lorong nie!!

Jangan ingat "ala, luas jek laluan nie.. tu pon kecoh!!".. 

Kecoh la weh, aku bkn pandai drive jalan sempit pon~

Yg ade tanda ank panah tu, pttnyer tpt parking aku.. Kete Yati la tu.
Haahaha..dari dalam umah. Selamat kete aku~~

Arini lehla cmtu..sbb Kak Jun ade uuntuk tolong masukkan kete.. ari2 seterusnyer??? huhuhuhuhuhu...... SAMPAI BILAKAH????