Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mary Stayed Out All Night manhwa...

Thanks to Facebook Group: Mary Stayed Out All Night that always keep the news about the drama up-to-date. I love it when they posted Mary Stayed Out All Night manhwa link for us to read!! Yeayy..

This chapter is really funny... Mary's dad spotted a couple is making out in front of his house..

Mary & Mu Gyul are kissing in front of Mary's house

Dad spotted that is his daughter..with Kang Mu Gyul!!

Dad tried to distract them by stomping the door..

This is funny.. they're too preoccupied in making out that they didn't even heard the noise. Dad tried again...hahahahaha
And this time, A LOT!!!!
Look at Dad's face expression.. priceless!!
Noticed.. Their reaction??? hahahahaha...
Pic. Credit: Daum 만화 속세상 - 매리는 외박중 (Chapter 134)

Since I took Korean Language as my 3rd language in my Uni days, so reading Hangeul is the least I can do. The meaning? I can understand simple and basic Korean, but if the words are not familiar, i will try to find the meaning via Korean dictionary or the easiest way is to Google Translate.. hehehehe...

 The manhwa is worth to read.. i can understand most of the dialogues... *^^*


  1. hahahha nice one, i wanna read it too since its really killing me to know whats happening.. plus i heard they didn't follow the manhwa.. so it will really be interesting to know how it went here. but oh wouldn't it be nice if they had that episode in the drama *wink wink* ehheheh gets to see them jgs kisses sigh!!!!

  2. Hello!!! thanks by the information
    i want to read this manhwa because i don't know korean i can speak only japanese T-T... your blog it's so cute! thanks see you

  3. where do you read your mangas???