Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dah 2 TAHUN tak update!

Aaahhhh.... dah 2 tahun rupenye tak update blog ni.. 😂

Macam2 nak cerita.. nanti tunggu MOOD datang~~ 😄

Berkali2 cari emel address untuk login acc Blog ni.. lupe dah 2 TAHUN............

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

[Korean Drama] Mr. Back OST - Listen & Download

Mr. Back OST Part 1

Title: 미스터 백 OST Part 1 / Mr. Back OST Part 1
Artist: Xiah Junsu

Mr. Back OST Part 2

Title: 미스터 백 OST Part 2 / Mr. Back OST Part 2
Artist: Na Yoon Kwon and Juvie (주비) of Sunny Hill

Mr. Back OST Part 3

Title: 미스터 백 OST Part 3 / Mr. Back OST Part 3
Artist: Hong Jin Young and Outsider (아웃사이더)

Mr. Back OST Part 4

Title: 미스터 백 OST Part 4 / Mr. Back OST Part 4
Artist: Jang Na Ra

Mr. Back OST Part 5

Title: 미스터 백 OST Part 5 / Mr. Back OST Part 5
Artist: Moon Myung Jin

Cr: all Youtube uploaders


My Dropbox Folder

Recapping a drama.. is tiring...

Know what.. I'm in the process of recapping a korean drama, Mr. Back right now.. starting from Episode 1.. it's Day 2 since I started, and i'm not even half done it yet.. 

It's so tiring to watch the scenes again and again, pick up the dialogues line by line.. and the hard work of all? SCREEN CAPTURE.. we need to capture the scenes while watching.. it's TIRING...

That's why I didn't finish my episodes recap on Horse Doctor....

I'm trying with Mr. Back, but I think it won't be completed...

I'll try it again when I have the mood.. hahaha

*Boosting my mood to finish recapping Episode 1*

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Korean Drama: Mr. Back

I am a fan of Jang Nara since the 1st time I watch her acting in Successful Story of a Bright Girl on tv sometime in 2002. Then I love her more in My Love Patzzi with Kim Jae Won & Kim Rae Won. I like the drama because she acted alongside Kim Jae Won, my 'ex-beloved' from the drama 'Wuri's Family'.. 

OK, back to the main title.. Mr. Back..

Since I really like Jang Nara, I decided to recap her current drama, Mr. Back.. well, a bit late since the drama currently left with 4 more episodes (finale next week!).. but still.. I want to recap.. LATER... hehe

Overall, Mr. Back is about:-

Title : Mr. Back / 미스터 백
Genre : Rom-Com
Episodes       : 16
Broadcast Network  : MBC
Broadcast Period : 5 November 2014 - 25 December 2014
Air Time : Wed & Thurs 21.55

Official site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/mr/

Storyline/ synopsis

"Mr. Back" is a drama about Choi Go Bong, a 70-year old hotel president, who is oblivious to everything else except himself and money. Choi Go-Bong (Shin Ha-Kyun) is a man in his 70's old and he runs a large corporation. One day, he becomes a man in his 30's by accident and feels love for the first time in his life. Starting over is going to provide him a second chance at living his life right. He will get new lessons in how to relate to others. As a result he may rearrange his priorities. Maybe this time he can make more room for the important things in life, like falling in love.

Cast : 

Shin Ha Kyun as Choi Go Bong, a man in his 70's old and he runs a large corporation/ Choi Shin Hyeong, a man in his 30's old

Jang Na Ra as Eun Ha-soo, a hardworking Candy type who goes from part-time job to part-time job with no prospects. She finally lands her first salaried job and meets the hero, and through him she’ll learn to dream for the first time in her life, while he’ll finally get to experience what love is.

Lee Joon as Choi Dae Han, the son of the conglomerate president Choi Go Bong (Shin Ha Kyun)

Park Ye Jin as Hong Ji Yoon

Jung Suk Won as Jung Yi Gun

Credit info: SamShop Watch (Mr. Back-Soompi Forum)

Ok.. since I'm so bored in the office.. I'm gonna re-watch the episodes and recap one by one until the current episode.. 

Either there will be a lot of recap posts, or there will little.. or none at all.. hahaha...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Turun 15kg dalam setahun

Alhamdulillah... azam serta usaha dari tahun lepas untuk mengurangkan berat badan akhirnya tercapai jugak walaupun pencapaian penurunan tu takdela besar mana.. masih memerlukan usaha dan tenaga lagi untuk mencapai BMI yang sihat. 

Masih merujuk cara pemakanan masa post aku yang dulu tu pasal turun 10kg dalam 5 bulan.

Akhirnya selepas setahun (cepat betul masa berlalu..), aku berjaya turunkan berat badan sebanyak 15kg!! Dah tentu dalam setahun ni ada turun naik gak.. Maklumla, kejap jaga makan, kejap melantak tak ingat dunia.. tapi yang pastinya dalam setahun ni aku dah KURANG sangat-sangat minum air manis! Banyakkan minum air kosong sekurang-kurangya 2L dalam satu hari (sepatutnya 3L.. tapi kadang-kadang memang dah tak mampu nak telan).

Berat badan sekarang masih lagi dalam kategori OB**E (eleh.. malu lak nak tulis kan..). Tapi InsyaAllah aku masih perlu turunkan lagi 12kg untuk capai BMI sihat.

Nak turunkan berat masa tengah sangat-sangat gemuk dulu cepat jek dengan hanya minum air kosong, tapi bila dah turun sebanyak 5-6kg, susah plak berat nak turun lagi.. huhu

Aku sekarang 'rajin' gak la wat exercise DUMB BELL. Adela 2-3 video aku download dari Youtube untuk wat sebagai 'rujukan' video. Mula-mula memang rasa memenatkan, tapi lama-lama dah biasa.. sampai ber'otot' la sket kat lengan aku ni.. hahaha.. tulang selangka pon nampak timbul (yela sebelum ni banyak sangat lemak sampai rasa macam bantal je kan... :P) Saiz bahu aku pon dah turun 1 inci (cik Ekin tukang jahit yang ukur bahu aku untuk jahit baju kurung aku yang bagitau). Dalam setahun, saiz pinggang turun 6 cm (2 inci lebih camtu)

Baju-baju kurung lama yang 'memang dah lama' tak pakai sebab alasan tak muat sekarang dah boleh pakai balik.. yahhooooo!!

So, azam tahun 2015 ni plak nak capai BMI sihat!! Maklumla dah nak masuk 3 series... uhuk...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Miss 'F'.. Stop being so FAKE, HYPOCRITE and please GROW UP!

Actually I really want to write this entry before Ramadan, but I've been busy with my things because I moved back from Sentul to Klang. So today I need to release some of my 'ANGER' but in 'POLITE' manners since it's Ramadan, and i'm fasting (initially I want to 'MAKI' jek!).

To Miss F**** (if u are my BLOG STALKER, then u'll read this), please acknowledge that before this u had already seeking forgiveness from me when u came to our home in Sentul for your hose connector, saying:

"Minta maafla kalau kite ade buat salah kat Amy ker... bla2..."

Did you forget?

And I can't say anything that time since u DID do something wrong to me before that! U:
-remove me from FB (like I care enough)
-block me FOREVER in FB (that's a little harsh)
-not enough by just removed and blocked me, u BADMOUTHING me in FB Status/Comment (some friend told me that, even though I REALLY didn't ask about u)

I didn't really know what is YOUR PROBLEM with ME???

If it's about the kittens - please be CLEAR that it had NOTHING TO DO WITH U!! why so KEPO??

If it's about moving out from the house - Yeah, the other person really want to live in that house, and I also need to move out.. so why so SENTAP?? Plus, u guys had been so awkward and badmouthing us from behind.. not to mention ur dear 'LITTLE SISTER a.k.a ROOMATE' had been posting some cynical remarks about me on FB (which u guys denied).

And Miss F, about ur statement in FB (which what the friend told me), saying that:

'The owner of Keera (which was ME) only favored and took the CUTE/BEAUTIFUL little kitten and left the others" where u also said "We need to have equal love to all kittens, not only the favorite ones"

Did you forget, when ur dear roomate said she didn't want one of my kittens because she had already fixated on ONE kitten (which is Amoi-gave to my friend), so you backed her up saying:

"Kite kalau dah sayang seekor, kite akan fokus and sayang pada die" - something like that

So, what the h*LL about your 'Equal Love' statement?? so HYPOCRITE!

If you really have the 'Equal Love' thought, u will encourage her to take any of the kittens because u will love them as much as the one kitten you loved.

FYI, I do love them all! Even though I gave the 3 out of 4 to others, I still make sure to get updates about them from the new owners.. Do u even DO THAT?? Oh wait... who are you??? Stop being so KEPOCHI!

And Miss F, I do have the RIGHTS to choose any of my kittens.. since they are MINE, not YOURS!

My ADVICE the SPECIAL Miss F....

Please stop getting INVOLVE in other people matters.
Stop over-SENTAP.
Don't be so HYPOCRITE.
Please GROW UP, will ya? - u're getting married, don't be so CHILDISH

P/s: I already unfollowed and removed u from my bloglist TOO... since u had done it first.. and also, I don't want to know about ur so-called life anymore! But u're welcome to STALK me if u still so KEPO...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Miyao & Marble: "Photoshoot"

Semalam entah kenapa kucing-kucing aku ni galak berposing meminta perhatian.. terutama si Miyao a.k.a Momok tu.. tapi si Momok ni memang kaki posing.. lagi suke kalau kita pakaikan die tudung atau pape sarung, lagi galak die berPOSING~~hehehe 

Marble lak tak suke and susah sangat nak amik gambar die.. 

Antara gambar-gambar posing dua ekor ni:

Miyao memang suke 'bertudung"

"Ayuu gituu"

Apela nasibku..

Ala-ala pak Arab ke..

Abam ni jantan ke betina??


Ade gaye model tak?

Ape tu??


Adik Marble nak groom diri

Ala-ala comei la konon


Malu-malu gituu


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Resipi: Kimbab @ Nasi Rumpai Laut.. hehe

Akhirnya tertunai gak nak wat Kimbab ni kat umah Sentul sebelum aku balik ke Klang. Memandangkan cik Ekin datang melawat Sentul lagi semalam, aku bercita-cita nak buat gak Kimbab!! sebab cik Ekin kita sendiri pernah wat Kimbab.. so leh mintak tolong ajar dari sifu.. hehe

K, bahan-bahan nak wat Kimbab:

  • 2 cawan Beras SUMO - masak nasi macam biasa - campur garam untuk lebih rasa
  • 7 keping Kepingan rumpai laut (seaweed) - depends banyak mana kita nak wat
  • 2 Sosej - rebus dan setiap sosej potong panjang 4 bahagian
  • 1/2 biji Timun - buang seeds tengah & potong panjang 
  • 2 biji Telur - pukul setiap biji telur dan goreng - potong memanjang
  • Minyak bijan
  • 1 ikat bayam - celur dan gaul dengan sos bijan
  • 1/2 lobak - rebus sampai lembut dan potong panjang

Semua bahan-bahan

3 in 1 seaweed... with free 1 sushi bamboo mat
Seaweed ni ade jual kat Aeon AU2. Yang aku beli ni 3 peket RM17.90 siap free bamboo mat. Kalau nak beli asing, harga 1 peket Seaweed ni RM6.90. Harga bamboo mat plak RM4.90.

Sosej, Timun & Lobak

Telur goreng potong panjang
Bayam gaul dengan minyak bijan
Bahan-bahan dah sedia untuk mula
Cara nak wat Kimbab:

1- Letak seaweed atas bamboo mat
2- Ratakan nasi atas seaweed. Amatlah disarankan untuk meratakan nasi sampai ke semua permukaan seaweed, untuk memudahkan seaweed roll lekat dengan cantik (Aku xwat betul2 tu.. huhu)

3- Letak sosej, telur, timun, bayam di tengah-tengah nasi.

Letak bahan-bahan
4- Gulung seaweed dengan bamboo mat.

Gulungan kimbab berjaya!
5- Potong/hiris dan sajikan....

Selamat menjamu selera..
Serius nak wat sos kimbab.. tapi tak sedap... hahaha

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kutu Kucing: Ubat paling mujarab untuk bunuh kutu

Kutu kucing... sape ade kucing.. yang ada kutu.. korang tau la betapa geli + kesian ngan kucing-kucing tu sebab diorang akan asik menggaru-garu kat badan dan telinga sampai macam nak terputus jek aku tengok telinga diorang tu.. huhu

Pada asalnya, kucing-kucing kitorang ni memang bebas kutu, tapi lepas kitorang adopt sekor kucing dari jalanan, semua kucing kitorang kena jangkitan KUTU

Jangkitan-jangkitan kutu tu memang tahap KRONIK la.. sebab macam-macam ubat kutu kitorang guna memang tak berkesan.

Masa kitorang gi PetShop, auntie tu sarankan guna 1 ubat syampu ni:

Ubat syampu untuk bunuh kutu

Monday, June 16, 2014

Farewell Lunch Treat

Alhamdulillah... setelah 2 tahun (pengalaman tempat kerja paling lama) lebih aku kerja kat Sentul ni, akhirnya aku dapat gak tawaran kerja kat tempat lain. Area kerja 20 minit jek dari umah family aku kat Klang! Last day aku kat tempat kerja Sentul ni 24hb Jun, jadi tolak tambah seminggu lagi!! 


So, Jumaat lepas Kak Faridah and Kak Depp Omar belanja aku ngan Aini (die pon resign gak selepas setahun kerja kat sini-last day 26hb Jun) makan kat Tony Roma's di The Curve... 

Yeay!! Orang nak belanja makan.. sape tak nak kan??? hehe

Sampai-sampai jek bende wajib buat ialah amik gambar.. hahaha.. siap bawak MONOPOD tau..