Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Newly Dramas: Secret Garden


SBS :: Sat-Sun :: 9.45pm

Starring: Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Sa Rang, Phillip Lee

Ha Ji Won is back again!! Last i watched her in Hwang Jini drama (with noticeably our young Jang Geun Seuk then ..) 

Hyun Bin too!! The last time i watched him in The World They Lived In (with Song Hye Gyo..the current GF??). Erm, i didn't watch his 'Friend, Our Legend' drama though...

Yoon Sang Hyun?? The 1st time i watched him in 'Take Care of Our Lady' and then i noticed him in 'Marrying a Millionaire'.. hahahaha...

Kim Sarang? I like her name: SARANG ; meaning 'LOVE'. I watched her drama 'Mina' for the 1st time a long time ago.. and lastly in 'A Love to Kill' alongside Rain and Shin Mina.

Phillip Lee?? Erm..heard of his name before..but hadn't watched any of his dramas~ ^^

Secret Garden's Chart

Hyun Bin a.k.a Kim Joo Won: A wealthy plus a quite arrogant young man but a bit child-like when it comes about love/crush on somebody a.k.a Ra Im. Love to compete with his hyung cousin in everything.

Ha Ji Won a.k.a Gil Ra Im (Lime): A beautiful and cool stunt-woman that is envied by the main lead of the dramas she stand in. Has a star-crush on Oska.

Yoon Sang Hyun a.k.a Oska: Joo Won's cousin. A big-time playboy that crushes many woman's heart, but a bit emotional when it comes around Yoon Seul (his ex-GF??).

Kim Sa Rang a.k.a Yoon Seul: Joo Woon's family match-made for him. Oska's ex, but probably has a crush on Joo Won by this time.

Phillip Lee a.k.a Jong Soo: Ra Im's martial's art director. Seems to be having a crush on Ra Im, and protects her from behind.

When i first heard about this new drama, i thought that it will be an action drama such as Iris, because they posted Ha Ji Won first still photo like this:

She looks cool, huh??
It turns out that she will be a stunt-woman in an action drama in Secret Garden.

I also thought that Hyun Bin's and Yoon Sang Hyun's character will be serious but it shown that both of them have a slightly comedic role, especially when these two are arguing. I was totally drawn to this drama by episode 2...

Joo Won is too funny when it comes to his glittering/sparkling tracksuit where everyone thought that it is too tacky, but he insisted to explain that it was made by a famous Italian designer..

Joo Won and his tacky tracksuit ^^

Image: allkpop
See how terrified+embarrassed she is?? hahahahaha...

I really love it when Joo Won doesn't even realized that he had actually fall in love with Ra Im as he had always saw her imagination beside him... it's so funny when he thought that he had gone crazy when the 'imaginery' Ra Im talked back at him after he blaming 'her' for being hung up by his mom on the phone.

Image: allkpop
Well..the main story is about these two that will swap souls. And how is that going to happen? We had to watch the upcoming episodes since they just aired episode 2 currently.

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You can watch this drama at Viikii, but episode 1 won't work for me.. but you can watch it here at Kimchidrama (Hardsubbed):

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  1. ha ji won is a very talented actress in korea. appearance on Korean television drama was amazing. his acting was very good: D.
    the last movie he is sector 7. very impressive. I love the ha ji won, thanks for sharing information on blogs.

    of all the movies that she played, secret garden is the best