Monday, November 28, 2011

My Lucky Number

I watched a Korean movie called "BLIND" starring Kim Ha Neul and our cutie Yoo Seung Ho last week and spotted this one scene... but only now I had the time to write in this blog~ 


'coz there's a lot of things I want to do such as Downloading movies/dramas --> Encode them to smaller size --> Archive them in WinRar --> Upload them in Embedupload --> Post the links in Doramax264 site (I'm one of the encoder there) for people to download them. All of this done while watching and pausing dramas in GOM Player and VLC Player (yeah.. sometimes I used 2 player to watch dramas ^^)

OK, Back to my spotted scene;

My Lucky Num!

And why is that my lucky number? 
22 - My Birthdate
85 - My Birthyear
21 2285? - My friends know what number is that!! ^^

Well, this scene is when the Detective tried to search every black Peugeot cars (that model-I don't know any Peugeot model) in order to catch the criminal a.k.a the rapist+murderer.

Didn't expect to see my fav numbers in a car's plate number~

* Okay..i'm gonna resume on what I was doing... getting my headache worsen up....*

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Arini aku kua ngan Miss Babysbreath ke Tesco Bukit Tinggi..lepas tu ke Jaya Jusco Bukit Raja. Pergi jauh2 pon balik2 beli makan jek... hehehehe... Balik dari berpoya2 aku rehat2 jap kat umah (siap tukar baju dah)~~ then kol 5 tu Papa kate nak pegi seksyen 17 beli tiket balik ke Butterworth untuk Inoi [aku kenela ikut tunjuk jalan] + nak hantar Aleesya balik ke umah dier kat Kg Raja Uda.

Dengan confidentnyer aku sarung balik cardigan yang aku pakai untuk keluar sebelum tuh (aku main capai jek dari atas katil)~~ siap semangat pimpin tangan Aleesya kuar umah jalan2 sikit (almaklumla budak 13 bulan baru dapat kaki nak berjalan2 sikit)...

Lokasi pertama: Terminal Bas kat Seksyen 17
Lokasi kedua: Esso Seksyen 18

Nape aku mention 2 tempat nie??


**Tapi sebab nak sedapkan ati sendiri... aku pikir "Ala, bukannyer aku akan jumpe diorg sume tu lagi pon..." ^^**

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A lot to download.. a lot to watch...

I was so bored that I couldn't stop sitting, laying, sleeping in front of my Mr. Toshi every boring days~
What the hell am I doing then?


I found this 'HEAVEN' for Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese/China dramas&movies website for download!! Why did I say 'Heaven'? Coz all the files had been encoded to smaller size and it's free!! No need to register except if u want to request any dramas in their forum~~

There's already a tons of dramas and movies that I'd download and already burned them in DVD so that I can save up some spaces in Mr. Toshi + I can watch them later whenever I want to.. The truth is that I'd download them so much that I had no time yet to watch all of them... hehehe

Currently I'm watching Korean drama called "Loving You Thousand Times" consists of 55 episodes.. I am still downloading it right now [episode 46] and now still watching it at episode 22. While downloading the drama, I download Korean drama "Dong Yi" at the same pace of their episodes coz they both has 55 episodes each all together~ But I will watch Dong Yi after I watch Loving You Thousand Times (maybe?).

There's still a lot of Japanese dramas that had been downloaded but not yet watched.. such as:

HACHI-ONE DIVER (watch episode 1)
KOIZORA drama (watch episode 1-3)
REBOUND (watch episode 1)
UNUBORE DEKA (watch episode 1-4)- extremely funny!!
IMOUTO YO - an old drama 1994 (watch episode 1-3)

{ I will watch all of this whenever I had the time.. when will it be? }

The website provide dramas to be downloaded from Megaupload and Mediafire. The best to download the files is to download it from Megaupload coz most of the dramas from Mediafire can't be accessed anymore.
Download JDownloader and use it to download all the dramas from Megaupload links!! So easy and faster~

My mind is in a mess right now coz I pause the drama while watching coz I want to write this entry and I also want to watch Dong Yi at the same time.. But I'll patiently wait until i finished all the episodes first~ [A lot of animes had to be watched too!!!! arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!]


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sign of Korea! Part 2....

Finally.. Part 2 exists!! hehehe... 

Took 2 days for me to update it because the Internet connection (my neighbour's actually) made a fuss.

This time we got to go to EVERLAND!!! (Winter 2008 we went to Lotte World). A lot of dramas had their amusement park scenes here in Everland... The first drama I noticed was MY LOVE PATZZI!!! They shot the entire episodes in EVERLAND~~ 

ONE MOM THREE DADS also had their scenes here (where the three guys brought Na Young a.k.a Eugene and baby Ha Seon to have fun while vacation in episode 15)..

Posing before entering~
Everland Entrance

We're going to ride that wooden roller coaster!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sign of Korea!! Part 1?

It' been such a long time since I updated my blog... LAZINESS have been my food lately.. What had been going on since my last entry?

I went to Korea for 10 days in May~

My little bro got into Matriculation College while I was in Korea~ 

Babysitting my niece for months now~

My big bro got married in June - I got new sister-in-law~

Gained 'precious weight'~ (^o^)

I'm addicted to watch a lot of Korean dramas now but don't have the time to recap or story anything since I was/am busy babysitting my niece + the Internet connection SUCKS!! ('s my neighbour's Internet.. hee ^^)


Our Guesthouse was in this area!!

Somewhere in Insadong street

We stayed here last winter 2008

Sunday, May 1, 2011

After I watched Kimi No Kioku Wo Boku Ni Kudasai~~

What can I say after I watch this movie?

I kinda hate this kind of heroine's character (of any movies or drama): 
"Have someone you love for a long time, but then changes your love to another man after spending some time with him; just because your love one is not by your side for a while/moment or you're temporarily forget him. - Noted that the love one is still loving her. "

That's the feeling I got after watching this movie and "Spring Day" (Korean drama). I just don't understand why these two heroines would have a quick change of heart of the man they loved. It's just so pitiful for the man they loved at first because those man were so in love with them and felt betrayal from their love one.

I love Kim Jae Wook but in Kimi No Kioku Wo Boku Ni Kudasai, why he has to be the one that betrayed his best friend Kim Joon by confusing Kim Joon's girlfriend as his ex-lover that has died a long time ago. Things get complicated when Minamisawa's amnesia got her mind confused Kim Jae Wook for Kim Joon and started to fall in love with him for real after regained her memories. WHY????? Even though I don't particularly love Kim Joon..but..Poor Kim Joon!!!

Kim Joon, Minamisawa Nao, Kim Jae Wook

The same thing happened in Spring Day drama.... I do like Jo In Sung, but after he fall in love with his brother's lover and vice versa, I kinda hate both of them for hurting Ji Jin Hee's feeling... 

Jo In Sung, Go Hyun Jung, Ji Jin Hee

**I love Kim Joon's and Kim Jae Wook's japanese language....

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kimi No Kioku Wo Boku Ni Kudasai~~

Kimi No Kioku Wo Boku Ni Kudasai literally translated as Give Me Your Memory is a Korean-Japanese co-production in the Spring on Japanese mobile network. 

I didn't know this movie existence at all... Just earlier I went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi with my future sister-in-law's younger sister to buy something from there. Both of us bought a set of Korean DVDs and then I spotted this;

My eyes landed on Kim Jae Wook (Mary Stayed Out All Night) there...hahahaha... so i'm so curious what movie did he got into other than 'Antique Bakery'... It's Kimi No Kioku Wo Boku Ni Kudasai-Give Me Your Memory that was released last year (I think). Other than him, the movie has Kim Joon (Boys Before Flower) and Minamisawa Nao (Akai Ito). This movie is on Japanese mobile network same as Akai Ito. I watched Akai Ito two years ago online, but I don't have time to watch this movie online, so I just bought it~~ ^^

Sypnosis on the back of this DVD says:

"The story unfolds around the themes of friendship and love, as one woman (Minamisawa Nao) deals with amnesia and her boyfriend's friend (Kim Jae Wook) steps in to act as her boyfriend (Kim Joon). The love story that unfolds around the three is described as "sad and mournful". "

I don't know whether this movie is worth to watch or not, but I want to watch Kim Jae Wook in Japanese movie because he can speak fluent Japanese~~

 I'll watch it later......

Waiting for new upcoming korean drama: "Warrior Baek Dong Soo"

I'm not a fan of saeguk drama but since I watched Queen Seondeok just because of Lee Yo Won was in there, I will have the same reason on why I will watch "Warrior Baek Dong Soo". It's because of the lead actors and actresses. Who is it??

Well, sources from Allkpop says....It's Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Seung Ho and Nam Ji Hyun!!!!

Ji Chang Wook
 They said that Ji Chang Wook will be playing the lead role here as Baek Dong Soo..
The first time I saw him was in Death Bell movie where he played as one of the bad students (which he ended died in the movie-shot to death with nails.. ^^;) 
Then he got main role in Smile, Dong Hae which I didn't follow coz too many episodes to watch.. hahaha

Yoo Seung Ho
 Our Yoo Seung Ho!! He was just a little kid back then in Sad Love Story drama where he played as Kwon Sang Woo's younger self. That was the first time I saw him~~ hehehe
 Then I saw him mature and grown up for the 'first time' in Queen Seondeok.. I was like, "My God...he's all grown up and handsome too!!" hahaha
They said that Yoo Seung Ho will be playing a villain role for the drama.. can't wait to see him acting as a bad guy (even though he's sometime quite 'bad' in Queen Seondeok) ^^ 

Nam Ji Hyun
 Nam Ji Hyun?? I like her from Queen Seondeok playing as Deok Man teenage self. 
Then I like her more in Will It Snow At Christmas coz it's a modern drama, plus she's acting alongside my dear Kim Soo Hyun~~swoon... 

 CAN'T WAIT!!! Need to finish watching 49 Days first... this drama will be airing around July plus it's the same channel with 49 Days which is SBS and it will be Monday-Tuesday series, so no worries~~

 **Some shock of today: While I was searching for Yoo Seung Ho pictures, I came across into these 2 pictures!! From 2009**

Kang So Ra kissed him in  Fourth Period Murder Mystery movie

Yoo Seung Ho kissed Ji Yeon in T-Ara "Lies" MV
 Why didn't i know about these thing?????? huhuhuhuhuhu.... well.. he's a grown up man now~~ He was 16 back then.. and he got to kiss these 2 girls... lucky Ji Yeon and Kang So Ra!! hahahahaha.... i'm a bit sad though..........

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

As I am watching 49 Days and Thorn Birds

It's been such a long time since I talked about K-Dramas...well, I still watch them (a lot!!) but being too busy in work makes me too lazy to write~ hehe

Currently I watch 49 Days (Lee Yo Won, Jung Il Woo, Jo Hyun Jae, Nam Gyu Ri, Bae Soo Bin and Seo Ji Hye) and Thorn Birds (Han Hye Jin, Kim Min Jung, Joo Sang Wook and Seo Do Young)...

Why did i watch these two dramas??

49 Days
Seo Ji Hye, Jung Il Woo, Lee Yo Won, Jo Hyun Jae, Nam Gyu Ri, Bae Soo Bin

49 Days :-
 * I love Lee Yo Won!! since i first spotted her from Fashion 70's back in 2005~ the 2nd time she's in Queen Seondeok..
 * My handsome Jo Hyun Jae (1st time i saw him in Love Letter)!! Cute Jung Il Woo (1st time? Take Care My Lady)!! I love Bae Soo Bin from Brilliant Legacy..
 * I like Seo Ji Hye from Over The Rainbow drama... Nam Gyu Ri?? first saw her in Death Bell movie with Kim Bum~~

Thorn Birds

Thorn Birds:-
 * I love Joo Sang Wook!!!
 * First time saw Han Hye Jin from 1% of Anything drama back in 2003..
 * Kim Min Jung?? never really like her..but first time saw her in Fashion 70's with Lee Yo Won
 * Seo Do Young... like him since Spring Waltz~~ ^^

*49 Days*
At first, i was a bit disappointed when i read the story line because it said that most of the time in the drama, Ji Hyun's (Nam Gyu Ri) soul will borrows Song Yi Kyung's (Lee Yo Won) body, which means 'Lee Yo Won' won't act as her real self.. which mean also, as if Nam Gyu Ri's 'feeling a.k.a soul' will playing Lee Yo Won.. but slowly I like Nam Gyu Ri..she's kinda cute playing the role of Lee Yo Won a.k.a Song Yi Kyung.

Today is 49 Days 13th episode..can't wait to watch it... I love last week episode, where:-

* Yi Kyung herself woke up in the day and Ji Hyun got popped out from her body.. got herself confused and ask Min Ho "Who are you??"..

* The past memories of Yi Kyung and Yi Soo... it's soo sweet~~

* The part where Scheduler a.k.a Yi Soo posed as Yi Kyung and worked at the cafe on behalf of her.. love the 'cool and arrogant' attitude of 'her' when 'she' took over the shift from the boss..haha (Lee Yo Won can act 3 different roles in 1 drama!!!!)

*Thorn Birds*
Never thought your best friend (was) could ever did something that is so unforgivable to u... That is something Han Yoo Kyung (Kim Min Jung) did to her best friend, Seo Jung Eun (Han Hye Jin) in the drama.

 1) Snatch ur best friend's crush by seducing and slept with him just because u spite at her for harboring feelings for him
2) Frame ur best friend by exposing a long time video and spread rumors (really bad that cause ur mother to retire from acting world).. plus, ur best friens now is hated by her childhood crush..
3) U got pregnant and deliver the baby just to name her mother as ur best friend's name...

Tell me, is Yoo Kyung too evil...or Jung Eun is to stupid??

Well, I still like to watch it coz the table has been turned over now~~ Yoo Kyung is regretting to did all that as she saw her best friend is happy with 'her' family especially her adorable Han Byul~ will she try to snatch them away too? Let's wait and watch.... hehehehe

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Malam tadi aku mimpi ade gameshow yang aku terlibat... tapi yang bestnyer, aku macam dalam gameshow bersama artis2 Korea... ala, yang konon2 macam Dream Team tu la... perasaan seronok giler!! Tapi dalam banyak2 artis Korea (firasat mimpi aku mengatakan memang artis2 Korea..hahaha), aku ingat ade  

Shin Dong (Suju)


Taecyeon (2PM)

jek... ha.. macam best lak jumpe diorang dalam mimpi.. yang aku ingat aku dalam group Shin Dong.. Shin Dong siap bercakap ngan aku (gune bahase ape?? aku pon xigt).. hee..kitorg ade 2 group yang lawan masing2...

Entah camner lak aku leh mimpikan diorang nie, bukannyer aku dok layan sebarang Kpop sebelum tido pon~~ papepun, macam best lak diorang nie masuk dlm mimpi aku... hahahahaha

Tapi yang xbestnyer.............................AKU BANGUN LAMBAT!!!!!!! kol 645 tu weyh!!! xsedar jam loceng~~ huhuhuhuhu

Kelam kabut aku bersiap pagi tadi.. ^^

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ape lagi ek?

Lame xupdate blog... sejak jadi 'Resident Engineer' nie mmg xde ms langsung nak menulis blog... ciitt, poyos jek title 'Resident Engineer' tu... Orang yang dengar mesti kate " tuh..." Erm, xyahla~~ aku langsung xbangga ngan position tu... Nape? xyahla aku nak citer kerja pe ngan position tuh...

Erm..sekarang nie pon xde mood nk tulis.. nak tulis pe ek?? nantila... tgu ade mood lagi~~ hehehehe

BTW, THANKS kat new followers yang dah jadi 13 orang (xtau lak ade org yg nak follow blog I nie) ^^

Nanti nak review citer2 Korea lagi...tapi kene cari time yang sesuai...sangat BZ.... huhuu

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Perverted Eyes.. kenapa lelaki mesti perhatikan perempuan??

Sebelum aku start topik hari ini, aku nak umum dengan sedihnyer... SECRET GARDEN DAH ABIS!!!!! huhuhuhuhuhu.... The SUPER Best Drama and Best Ending Ever~~ selepas drama Full House... mmg best giler!!!

Back to the topic...

Aku tau.. tak semua lelaki ade mata yang macam topik aku nie.. tapi aku still nak cakap pasal lelaki yang ada mata nie...

Perverted Eyes??

Macam mana nak definisikan mata tu?

Kalau seorang lelaki boleh describe baju ape yang perempuan pakai pada hari-hari tertentu (maklum: bukan pada hari itu juga, tapi 3-4 hari yang lepas) pada korang, ape yang korang fikirkan dalam otak?

"Die nie ingat baju ape yang aku pakai hari tu?"
[Diingatkan: Baju kurung sume lebih kurang same jek, cume kaler & corak yg berbeza]

Aku sendiri pon tak ingat aku pakai baju kaler ape pada hari-hari sebelum tu. Yang aku pasti, aku akan make sure yang aku tak terpakai 2 kali baju yang same dalam seminggu hari bekerja.

TAPI...... 'Kehebatan Mata' seorang member aku nie (Die lagi!!!) bagitau kitorang baju kaler ape yang kitorang pakai pada hari yang lepas tu... Ish... ko perhati baju kitorang hari-hari ker?? Dari atas sampai ke bawah???

Sampai member yang sorang lagi pakai tudung yang sama 2 kali dalam seminggu pon ko tau.. Siap bagitau kat member tu yang dier dah pakai tudung tu hari yang lepas~~

Meh sini nak bagitau ko... perempuan tak selesa tau kalu ko selalu perhati pakaian diorang. Sesama perempuan pon tak kepoh-kepoh ape yang perempuan lain pakai, kecuali minah2 kepoh la kan~~ KITORANG TAK KEPOH!

Kitorang sendiri pon tak ingat ape yang masing-masing pakai hari-hari yang lepas, tapi bile lelaki nak bagitau ape yang perempuan pakai... amat2la tak selesa k~~ sebab tu maknenyer ko dok perhatikan pakaian yang kitorang pakai.. Bile ko nak perhatikan pakaian kitorang, maknenyer ko 'pandang' tubuh kitorang dari atas ke bawah....

Aku tau mata lelaki nie memang 'susah' nak kontrol bile tengok perempuan.. tapi agak2la bile nak komen kat perempuan tu sendiri. Bile ko komen aku nampak macam mana bile pakai baju kurung semalam, satu jek dalam otak aku terpikir..

"Mak aiii.... mata mamat nie la....."

Jangan sampai biji mata terjegil keluar sudahla nti yer...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Apabila nama sekolah tersalah sebut....

Memandangkan kerja kitorang sekarang kene call sekolah-sekolah di Malaysia, jadi macam-macam nama sekolah kitorang dapat. Tapi aku xleh blah tol biler salah seorang member kitorang nie tersalah sebut name sekolah. ^^

Senarai sekolah semalam adalah untuk sekolah-sekolah negeri Pulau Pinang.
So, seorang member kitorang nie call la salah satu sekolah antara 26 buah sekolah dalam senarai masing-masing. 
Perbualan pertama wajib kitorang,

"Hello.... ini Sekolah _______ ? Saya ...... dari Telekom Malaysia (TM) , boleh saya bercakap dengan Pengetua/Guru Besar?" 

So, nak jadikan cerita member aku nie, dier tersalah sebut name sekolah tu... tau camner??

"Hello.... ini SK Ladang Bute? Saya A*** dari .... , boleh saya bercakap dengan Pengetua/Guru Besar?"


Kalau korang, camner korang sebut??

"Bute" - bunyi macam "mute" tu...


"Bu-Te" - bunyi macam "buta" tu...

Haa..... yang member aku nie sebut
"Hello.... ini SK Ladang Bu-Te? Saya A*** dari .... , boleh saya bercakap dengan Pengetua/Guru Besar?"

Xpasal-pasal kerani sekolah yang jawab tu kate "Ladang Bute yer..."

Tergelak2 kitorang kat keliling nie.... *^^*

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Dah seminggu, tapi aku rasa macam dah setahun aku tak wat post baru.
Sejak post "Mary Stayed Out All Night picture" aku tu jadi tarikan penggemar cite Korea dari luar negara, aku dah menjadi agak 'Gile Glamer' la plak... asik2 post psl cite Korea je kan? HAHAHAHAHA
So, kali nie aku nak cite pasal cite sendiri...lame xstory mory~~

Seminggu yang lepas, aku mula bekerja kat ofis (TM Cyberjaya) sebab kontrak kerja kat sekolah2 dah tamat. Masa mula2 keje, memang xde keje!! LEPAKKKKK memanjang~~~~ memang agak bosan r.. sambil2 main Facebook... tahap bosan tu boleh kata sampai aku yang dah lebih setahun xbkk FarmTown, leh main balik!! siap tanam menanam, menjual hasil tanian, kerja kat ladang2 org (dalam game FB tu jela...bkn aku wat btul2 pon).

Lepas lebih kurang tiga hari, kitorg dpt kerja.. kerja ape?? kerja calling2 sekolah.... tiba lak masanya nak kene wat marketing2. Parah tol!!! aku yang xsuke sgt wat kerja berckp2 telefon nie, terpaksa lak wat!! Purata 1 hari, aku dapat call 25 buah sekolah~~ bayangkan betapa sakitnye tekak aku nak control suara supaya berlembut dan perlahan...huhuhuhu

Kerja tu memang meletihkan.. aku tanamkan niat nak jadi Customer Service lepas nie.. CANCEL!!!

Keletihan aku bertambah dengan jarak perjalanan aku dari umah Klang ke Cyberjaya. Pagi2 kol 545 aku dah bangun. Kol 645 aku dah start gerak. Punyela nak elak tol, aku ikut jalan Dengkil. Konon jimat TOL la kan... tapi dgn jammed truk kat Olak Lempit, +/- aku sampai dlm sejam 10 minit. LETIH WOOOOHHHH.... kete manual tu weyh!! sampai cramp jari2 kaki aku asik tekan Clutch..Minyak sehari jek dah RM10.. Kancil jek pon~ tapi sebulan????

Kol 530 aku balik kerja... kol 7 mlm baru aku sampai kat umah.. kol 930 aku dah mengantuk keletihan... kadang2 aku rasa aku tgk muke parents aku dalam 10-15 minit jek sehari... esoknya sambung rutin yang sama~~ LETIH LAGI WOOOHHHHH....

Aku berniat nak jenguk kawan/sekolah kat Hulu Langat, tapi rasenye keletihan aku nie lebih POWER dari niat aku tuh... so... tunggula aku amik cuti panjang sket yer~~~ hehehehe

Yang paling aku pasti selain keletihan sejak mula kerja dan tinggal ngan family semula nie...... I'VE GAINED SOMETHING I HATE THE MOST!!!!!!!! WEIGHT~~~~~~~~~~~~ ;((((

Monday, January 3, 2011

Secret Garden's Fav Scenes!!

Every week I'll watch Secret Garden episodes whether via Kimchidrama or Natnatvip Online .. and now i'm catching up to watch episode 15&16!! yeay~~ Before that, there is a lot of my favs scenes in Secret Garden drama... and here is some of them~~

Ep. 5
Cheeky conversation between Ra Im and Oska that made Joo Won gagged.. hahaha

Ep. 6
Oska put his hands on Ra Im (Joo Won) and get the warning... ^^

Ep. 9
Hug Scene after they swapped to normal again..Joo Won is So SWEET..kya~~

Ep. 10
Funny and absurd reasons to just meet her.. ^^

The most natural, original and sweet Foam Kiss...

There's more.. but i'll put it up later~~ ^^