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Recap: Horse Doctor Episode 12

Horse Doctor Episode 12

Baek Gwang Hyeon – BGH
Kang Ji Nyeong – KJN
Princess – P
Lee Song Ha – LSH


KJN asking why BGH is captured like that and LSH also step in demanding an explanation. The police stated that BGH is arrested on accusation of attempted murder. 

KJN looks shocked

BGH can't accept the accusation as he didn't intend to kill anyone but to save a person's life. The police officers didn't want to hear BGH's excuses and forcefully drag him to the jail.

KJN just can't stand still and wanted to go to BGH but is stopped by LSH

She can't believe that BGH would be accused of attempted murder since she knows that BGH was trying to save that person's life.

LSH asks her to calm down
BGH is put into jail
KJN meets the police officer/assasin and claimed that BGH isn't guilty
KJN said that BGH intended to safe that person and not to kill him. He said that a horse doctor can't treat a human. KJN wondered on what to do, and he said there was once a similar case (pretending to be a doctor) and the person who was accused was given 30 lashes on the butt.

KJN worried that 30 lashes could get him killed

KJN begging the police officer that she needs to see BGH in the jail. He let KJN to meet BGH. While waiting, KJN remembered her last encounter with BGH who was confused of her real identity as a noble.

KJN ask if BHG is alright
BGN kind of smirks and said that he even 'shock' can't describe his feeling about her identity
BGH said that he never ever thought that KJN could be a noble and that he just saying things and joke around her like a normal person. By this time BGH already addressed her as 'Agassi', as to respect her high status. He apologized to her for his manners before. He also apologized for his action on treating his colleague on his own and said that KJN need not to apologize for hiding her identity.

KJN still wanted to apologized as she intended to tell him but didn't get the chance to do so. She ask BGH not to blame himself and not to give up as he was just intend to save a life.

BGH looks like he has lost hopes
KJN shed tears upon looking at him like that. KJN hurriedly went to find her adopted father (LSH's father) to beg him about BGH.

KJN ask her adopted father to do something to help BGN, but he said that it can't be done (he's evil). He claimed that BGH had done a crime and got arrested. 

Palace maid gossiping about BGH will be beaten
P heard them and demand to know about BGH but her aide quickly dismisses them
 P asking if her aide already know about it and get angry that she hides the news from her.
P devastated to know that BGH will be sentenced
KJN ran into LSH when she is about to leave the house.
She told LSH that she need to see the patient's family. LSH said that there is no use but KJN stubbornly wanted to go. LSH stated that he already spoke to them because he saw how KJN had been so sad about the matter. To make the matter worse, the family didn't even bugde even he offers money to them (they have been bribe by the evil politicians before him anyway).

Nothing can be done anymore
KJN cries and trembles in worry about BGH's fate
On the day of the punishment, KJN ran all over to the place.

Guards lay him on the board
KJN with the officer came to watch. KJN looks worried

BGH got beaten up on the butt
Painful to watch the scene
BGH fainted at the 15th lashes
KJN can't take it anymore and ask them to stop before it kills him
KJN pleaded wholeheartedly while crying but got taken away by the guards

In the end, they still lashed him until the 30th time. He got brought back home by uncle and Ja Bong to treat his back/butt.

KJN got held up in her room by LSH's father's instruction
KJN feels so frustrated that she can't see BGH's doing. LSH met the officer outside and felt that the restriction on KJN is ridiculous as KJN only wanted to see BGH. The officer said that it was a strict instruction from his own father.
LSH tell KJN to go to see BGN while he stop them from restraning her
Meanwhile, Jang In Joo (JIJ) treated BGH at his house. KJN ran up there and JIJ looks shock to see her there. KJN worriedly asking about BGH's state.

KJN taking care of BGH all night
KJN remembering all her memories with BGH since they meet until the day he discovered her identity.

Sone time later, KJN went to his house and ask about his condition
BGH looks a bit better
KJN happy that he's recovering but BGH feels uncomfortable as she is a noble in his poor house

KJN wants to check BGH's pulse to check his condition. She was so happy that he is recovering while BGH wondered if she should be doing this at the moment when she was suppose to be busy with work. She said that no one is bothering her at the stable (him). Then he asked her why a high noble like him doing at his poor shack. She brushes him off by saying that's the reason why she didn't want anyone to know her real identity as a noble. People especially him would be uncomfortable around her. BGH just laugh it off.. Cuteee~

KJN explains that she wanted to do nurse's work a for a long time and plead to BGH to treat her just like before (as a normal person). It is because it's really hard for her to work as a noble when people will be uncomfortable around her.

P stubbornly wanted to meet with BGH even though her aide tried to stop her
Royal guard was forced to escort her
P goes to BGH's shack
Poor royal guard..... he has to carry all that things~~ when he supposed to be a warrior.. and not a human carrier or a dog catcher! hahaaha

P shock to see KJN there
P is glad that KJN is looking after BGH
P is thanking KJN for doing that for her sake while KJN tries to explain that's not it
BGH tried to stand up because of P, but she command him to sit because he's a patient

P was so worried about BGH and slipped out about her feelings and make BGH wonder about it. P quickly cover it up and say it's nothing.

When P got back at the palace, she commanded her royal guard to punished those who dared to beat up BGH.. hahaha.. I love how the royal guard and her aide felt the absurdity.

KJN got told that she is accepted to continue working at the clinic. She feels honored that JIJ finally accepted and acknowledge her even though she's from a noble family.

KJN then went to BGH's house but she's been told that he is out. She then met BGH in front of her house and wondered if he's waiting for her.

BGH told her that he wanted to become a doctor
BGH determined about it

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