Saturday, April 30, 2011

Waiting for new upcoming korean drama: "Warrior Baek Dong Soo"

I'm not a fan of saeguk drama but since I watched Queen Seondeok just because of Lee Yo Won was in there, I will have the same reason on why I will watch "Warrior Baek Dong Soo". It's because of the lead actors and actresses. Who is it??

Well, sources from Allkpop says....It's Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Seung Ho and Nam Ji Hyun!!!!

Ji Chang Wook
 They said that Ji Chang Wook will be playing the lead role here as Baek Dong Soo..
The first time I saw him was in Death Bell movie where he played as one of the bad students (which he ended died in the movie-shot to death with nails.. ^^;) 
Then he got main role in Smile, Dong Hae which I didn't follow coz too many episodes to watch.. hahaha

Yoo Seung Ho
 Our Yoo Seung Ho!! He was just a little kid back then in Sad Love Story drama where he played as Kwon Sang Woo's younger self. That was the first time I saw him~~ hehehe
 Then I saw him mature and grown up for the 'first time' in Queen Seondeok.. I was like, "My God...he's all grown up and handsome too!!" hahaha
They said that Yoo Seung Ho will be playing a villain role for the drama.. can't wait to see him acting as a bad guy (even though he's sometime quite 'bad' in Queen Seondeok) ^^ 

Nam Ji Hyun
 Nam Ji Hyun?? I like her from Queen Seondeok playing as Deok Man teenage self. 
Then I like her more in Will It Snow At Christmas coz it's a modern drama, plus she's acting alongside my dear Kim Soo Hyun~~swoon... 

 CAN'T WAIT!!! Need to finish watching 49 Days first... this drama will be airing around July plus it's the same channel with 49 Days which is SBS and it will be Monday-Tuesday series, so no worries~~

 **Some shock of today: While I was searching for Yoo Seung Ho pictures, I came across into these 2 pictures!! From 2009**

Kang So Ra kissed him in  Fourth Period Murder Mystery movie

Yoo Seung Ho kissed Ji Yeon in T-Ara "Lies" MV
 Why didn't i know about these thing?????? huhuhuhuhuhu.... well.. he's a grown up man now~~ He was 16 back then.. and he got to kiss these 2 girls... lucky Ji Yeon and Kang So Ra!! hahahahaha.... i'm a bit sad though..........

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