Sunday, June 3, 2012

Checking back my old posts...

WOW... is it really ME who wrote all that posts back then???

Why am I asking THIS??
Coz i'm amazed of myself; I had wrote something I can't think of now... 


I think I lost my 'humor-ism' in writing?? hehehe



Resipi: Makaroni Bakar

Dah lama rasanyer aku tak buat makaroni bakar nie... nak sediakan bahan2 bukan main lame..makan kejap jek dah abis~

Papepun persediaan bahan n masak2 semua nie amik masa sejam jek...

P/S: Kalau sesapa rase diri die berkolesterol tinggi, jgn mkn byk sgt ye... tgk bahan2 pon dh tau amat tidak sesuai utk mereka2 ini... hehehe ^^


Makaroni Bakar

1 mangkuk/cawan macaroni (agak2 jela) - rebus
2 ketul dada ayam – potong kecik2, then rebus dengan air garam sikit
4 biji telur - pukul/kacau
2 bawang besar – hiris bulat2
½ buttercup
6 keping cheese – (3 keping hiris2 utk masuk dlm adunan, 3 keping utk topping)
Daun bawang+sup – hiris sikit

Cara Masakan:
1.       Rebus macaroni dalam periuk (tambah sikit minyak supaya macaroni tak berminyak). Kacau lepas mendidih. Bila nampak macaroni tukar warna kuning lembut, toskan. Basuh macaroni dengan air supaya macaroni tak melekat.

2.       Rebus ayam dengan air garam. Lepas ayam dah masak, air rebusan jangan buang, simpan 1 mangkuk (Stok ayam). Carik daging ayam halus2.

3.       ‘Saute’ (goreng) bawang besar dengan 1/3 butter. Sauté sampai naik wangi.

1.       Masukkan macaroni yang dah rebus tu ke dalam bekas/mangkuk besar. Campurkan semua bahan2 (bawang yang telah di'saute'+ayam+telur+baki butter+hirisan daun bawang,sup+stok ayam+hirisan cheese) sikit2.

2.       Setiap kali masukkan bahan, kacau sebati.

3.       Sediakan mangkuk besar yang tahan dalam microwave/oven. Sapukan sikit butter kat keliling mangkuk tu supaya adunan tak melekat.

4.       Masukkan semua bahan yang dah dikacau sebati masuk dalam mangkuk.

5.       Hiaskan baki 3 keping cheese atas adunan.

1.       Masukkan adunan dalam microwave dan masak sehingga 20 minit.

2.       Selepas 20 minit……
TADAAAA!!!  Siap!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's New?

Aaaaa... such a long time since my last post here~~

So, what's been going on?

1. I got so bz since I started working/training in an IT company in Sentul (Almost 6 months now).

2. My best friend got married in early January~

3. My big bro got a son (I'm an aunt again!).
Affan Danish

4. A lot of Korean dramas that I'd watch; ROOFTOP PRINCE daebak!!

5. My daily life: In the morning from 6AM, 20mins drive from home to KTM --> 1H40Mins ride in train --> 20mins walking from KTM Sentul to Office and vice versa in the evening after 530PM~ damn tired!
New six coach seat train (SCS)

6. I got HIRED after training course of 5 months!!

It's been such a long time since I do the re-encoding and uploading work in Doramax264 site. It's because I don't have the commitment to do that so much work (download-encode-upload) in one night with people keep pushing and complaining~ plus the problem with Mediafire and others... 
But I still do that for my own collection~~ ^^ 

Dramas that I download and encode myself:

i) Rooftop Prince (Completed and burned)
ii)Queen In Hyun's Man (2 more episodes)
iii)King 2 Hearts (Completed and burned)
iv)Strongest Kpop Survival (Completed)

Talking about the best Korean Drama this year (apart from The Moon That Embraces the Sun), Rooftop Prince really is the starting for me to love Micky Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min!! hahahaha. Yoo Chun was so funny and really cute - love the hair (just started to realize that from the drama)..
Park Yoo Chun & Han Ji Min

Han Ji Min is pretty and seems nice too! I started to watch any drama that she starred in such as Cain & Abel and Resurrection. She really looks different in all of her dramas.

Yoo Chun?? hmm... I just can't watch him in any other drama apart from Rooftop Prince..
Sungkyunkwan Scandal? watched that..but didn't really like him that time...
Miss Ripley? only read the recap episodes, never watch the actual drama coz I hate Lee Da Hae's character (even though I like Lee Da Hae) + Yoo Chun's character was too stupid?? (I mean his devotion to that evil woman)

*Fun fact? - Starting to watch JYJ and DBSK MV just to watch Yoo Chun back then and now.. hahahahaha. I used to watch only Jae Joong ^^