Wednesday, April 27, 2011

As I am watching 49 Days and Thorn Birds

It's been such a long time since I talked about K-Dramas...well, I still watch them (a lot!!) but being too busy in work makes me too lazy to write~ hehe

Currently I watch 49 Days (Lee Yo Won, Jung Il Woo, Jo Hyun Jae, Nam Gyu Ri, Bae Soo Bin and Seo Ji Hye) and Thorn Birds (Han Hye Jin, Kim Min Jung, Joo Sang Wook and Seo Do Young)...

Why did i watch these two dramas??

49 Days
Seo Ji Hye, Jung Il Woo, Lee Yo Won, Jo Hyun Jae, Nam Gyu Ri, Bae Soo Bin

49 Days :-
 * I love Lee Yo Won!! since i first spotted her from Fashion 70's back in 2005~ the 2nd time she's in Queen Seondeok..
 * My handsome Jo Hyun Jae (1st time i saw him in Love Letter)!! Cute Jung Il Woo (1st time? Take Care My Lady)!! I love Bae Soo Bin from Brilliant Legacy..
 * I like Seo Ji Hye from Over The Rainbow drama... Nam Gyu Ri?? first saw her in Death Bell movie with Kim Bum~~

Thorn Birds

Thorn Birds:-
 * I love Joo Sang Wook!!!
 * First time saw Han Hye Jin from 1% of Anything drama back in 2003..
 * Kim Min Jung?? never really like her..but first time saw her in Fashion 70's with Lee Yo Won
 * Seo Do Young... like him since Spring Waltz~~ ^^

*49 Days*
At first, i was a bit disappointed when i read the story line because it said that most of the time in the drama, Ji Hyun's (Nam Gyu Ri) soul will borrows Song Yi Kyung's (Lee Yo Won) body, which means 'Lee Yo Won' won't act as her real self.. which mean also, as if Nam Gyu Ri's 'feeling a.k.a soul' will playing Lee Yo Won.. but slowly I like Nam Gyu Ri..she's kinda cute playing the role of Lee Yo Won a.k.a Song Yi Kyung.

Today is 49 Days 13th episode..can't wait to watch it... I love last week episode, where:-

* Yi Kyung herself woke up in the day and Ji Hyun got popped out from her body.. got herself confused and ask Min Ho "Who are you??"..

* The past memories of Yi Kyung and Yi Soo... it's soo sweet~~

* The part where Scheduler a.k.a Yi Soo posed as Yi Kyung and worked at the cafe on behalf of her.. love the 'cool and arrogant' attitude of 'her' when 'she' took over the shift from the boss..haha (Lee Yo Won can act 3 different roles in 1 drama!!!!)

*Thorn Birds*
Never thought your best friend (was) could ever did something that is so unforgivable to u... That is something Han Yoo Kyung (Kim Min Jung) did to her best friend, Seo Jung Eun (Han Hye Jin) in the drama.

 1) Snatch ur best friend's crush by seducing and slept with him just because u spite at her for harboring feelings for him
2) Frame ur best friend by exposing a long time video and spread rumors (really bad that cause ur mother to retire from acting world).. plus, ur best friens now is hated by her childhood crush..
3) U got pregnant and deliver the baby just to name her mother as ur best friend's name...

Tell me, is Yoo Kyung too evil...or Jung Eun is to stupid??

Well, I still like to watch it coz the table has been turned over now~~ Yoo Kyung is regretting to did all that as she saw her best friend is happy with 'her' family especially her adorable Han Byul~ will she try to snatch them away too? Let's wait and watch.... hehehehe

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