Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kimi No Kioku Wo Boku Ni Kudasai~~

Kimi No Kioku Wo Boku Ni Kudasai literally translated as Give Me Your Memory is a Korean-Japanese co-production in the Spring on Japanese mobile network. 

I didn't know this movie existence at all... Just earlier I went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi with my future sister-in-law's younger sister to buy something from there. Both of us bought a set of Korean DVDs and then I spotted this;

My eyes landed on Kim Jae Wook (Mary Stayed Out All Night) there...hahahaha... so i'm so curious what movie did he got into other than 'Antique Bakery'... It's Kimi No Kioku Wo Boku Ni Kudasai-Give Me Your Memory that was released last year (I think). Other than him, the movie has Kim Joon (Boys Before Flower) and Minamisawa Nao (Akai Ito). This movie is on Japanese mobile network same as Akai Ito. I watched Akai Ito two years ago online, but I don't have time to watch this movie online, so I just bought it~~ ^^

Sypnosis on the back of this DVD says:

"The story unfolds around the themes of friendship and love, as one woman (Minamisawa Nao) deals with amnesia and her boyfriend's friend (Kim Jae Wook) steps in to act as her boyfriend (Kim Joon). The love story that unfolds around the three is described as "sad and mournful". "

I don't know whether this movie is worth to watch or not, but I want to watch Kim Jae Wook in Japanese movie because he can speak fluent Japanese~~

 I'll watch it later......


  1. where i can get the English subtitles for kimi no kioku wo boku ni kudasai Movie.. can u upload it for me.. tq

  2. Erm.. i think it's hard to find someone who subbed this movie for online viewing coz i couldn't find it anywhere.. that's why i juz bought the DVD..
    did u downloaded the movie somewhere?

  3. yeah i download it.. but the movie have no subtitle... huh~

  4. If it's not a hassle to u, try download the movie again (with subtitle) here..

    if the website ask u to download the codec first, then u hv to download it... i've tried it, it's working~ good luck!

  5. thanx for the link..

  6. oh.... i like this movie too....