Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finale episode of 'BIG': Satisfying ending with a BIG dissapointment

Episode 16 of BIG on 24th July 2012 marked the finale of the switching-souls 18 years old Kang Kyung Joon (KKJ) and a 30 years old Seo Yoon Jae (YJ) + the complicated love between KKJ and Gil Da Ran...

The Ending?


After confirming that Da Ran will still love him even though that he will lost all of his memories of what happened after the accident (if he and YJ changed back), KKJ accepted Da Ran's unchanged love for him and they had a little sweet time for both of them (for the sake of KKJ that will lost his memory sooner in time).

I really love the scene where Da Ran gave him a quick peck on his cheek (saying that he is like a fish and needs water to live -> water = peck/kiss) and KKJ cutely acted out like a kid saying that she should give him a lot of water instead a drop - meaning he wants a lots of kiss!! hahahaha....

They did their farewell at the bus stop where they 1st met and the the scene jumped into 1 year later....

[From Mari's email, we knew that both YJ's and KKJ's soul had returned to their respective body and both didn't remembered anything that happened after the accident.]
*Means they're still remember events happened before that, right?*

Finally, for the ending scene..

They showed that a clearly Gong Yoo's body and voice that calls out to Da Ran from the bus, but they never showed his face.. Instead they keep showing a flashback of Da Ran and KKJ's (in YJ's body) conversation from their last farewell.

img source: Soulsrebel Big Episode 16 Finale

1st dissapointment:

Why didn't they show the real KKJ's face a.k.a our cute Shin Won Ho?? since they keep showing the flashback scenes with Gong Yoo as KKJ?
* I think all the fans will be satisfied watching the ending this way (seeing both actors as KKJ in the finale)*

2nd dissapointment: 
They never show us what happened to our dear doctor Seo Yoon Jae??
He even cried in his sleeps (in coma state)...
What happened to him? Since they said that both of them remembered events before the accidents, shouldn't he search and tell Da Ran his answer about that "Did you Love Me?"
 Or, did he get back together with Se Young?

Oh well... how I wished (last night) when I watched it on live streaming that they'll show Shin Won Ho as KKJ in the last scene... coz they showed Gong Yoo's as in the flashback scene..

p/s: It's funny to read all negatives and positives comments of all fans who watch BIG from 3 different blog/wordpress about BIG drama.


Hope to watch any better drama next time!

Lee Jun Ki's and Shin Mina's drama maybe?? ^^

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  1. huhu...
    ending nye mmg x best...
    sib baik ak x reti bbhsa korea...
    klw x dh lm ak suh dorg wt BIG 2...