Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scenes in preview that never shown in 'BIG'

BIG... a korean drama starring Gong Yoo (Biscuit Teacher&Star Candy, Coffee Prince), Lee Min Jung (Smile You, Midas), Suzy 'Miss A' (Dream High) and a newbie actor/Cross Gene member Shin Won Ho.

 It's nearing its finale episode... maybe already ended when I post this entry?? hehehe. 
[Edited: today will be the last episode]

I started to watch this drama mainly because of Lee Min Jung~~ ^^. I didn't actually like her in BOF, but since I watch her performance in Smile You (love that drama), I started to re-watch all her scenes in BOF.. and as to my conclusion of watching all her dramas and movies, she really had that nasal sound naturally~~but still it sound sweet and cute?? hehehehe..

Gong Yoo? I started to know this actor since "Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy".. really like him since back then. I think that he started to get popular after that drama (maybe?). It's because after that drama I searched a.k.a stalked his information (dramawiki, wikipedia) and noticed that he was in "My Tutor Friend' with Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Ha Neul back before in 2003. Never imagined that he was the one that played the highschool wannabe bully at that time (small role).. hahahaha

Gong Yoo in "My Tutor Friend"
images credit here

 Okay, enough about these 2 actors... wanna rambling around about Big now~ ^^

When I watch the 1st episode with that umbrella scene "WOW...." what's came into my mind... the scene was so beautifully made.. especially with our cute Shin Won Ho...

My 1st attempted gif image..  ^^
But what made me unsatisfied is that the preview for the next episode wasn't show or you can say that the writers change the plot? for example: [A little bit SPOILER for those who didn't watch it yet]

They showed this preview-

Preview 1:at the end of Episode 4
Daran found out that Yoon Jae had bought a ring from a salesgirl
Well..this preview was shown at the end of Episode 4 (never shown in any episodes), when Daran only knew the existence of the ring only at the end of Episode 7 when Kyung Joon (in Yoon Jae's body) shows it to her.
[Episode 7]
Kyung Joon: It fits just right.
This belongs to Gil Da Ran.
This is what Seo Yun Jae bought previously.

Daran: Mr. Yun Jae did?

Preview 2: at the end of Episode 4
Kyung Joon messing up with Mari's bang
Well again...this scene never shown. They replace it with the scene where Mari kicked Kyung Joon's *&%#$%. hehehehe

[Episode 5]
The 1st time Kyung Joon tapping and mess up Mari's bang was in ep.5

Preview 3: at the end of Episode 4
Kyung Joon: If you're going to end things,
should I wait outside?

Daran: I'm not going to end things.
And I plan to let things continue the way they are.

Hmm.. they did showed us this scene but with different dialogue and different meaning though~~
Shown in Episode 5

Kyung Joon: There you are.
 If you're going to give him one final blow
and end it, want me to keep watch outside?

Daran: Gyung Joon...
 Tomorrow is my wedding photo shoot.

Kyung Joon: What? Wedding photo shoot?
You must be crazy.

Daran: Just think of it as helping out
your poor teacher...

There's some more, but i'll just stop here~~ looks like they keep editing the plot..

^My Fav Scene^

Gong Yoo looks so gorgeous and Coolllllll in this scene~ ^^

**Wondering what the ending will be**

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