Thursday, July 3, 2014

Miss 'F'.. Stop being so FAKE, HYPOCRITE and please GROW UP!

Actually I really want to write this entry before Ramadan, but I've been busy with my things because I moved back from Sentul to Klang. So today I need to release some of my 'ANGER' but in 'POLITE' manners since it's Ramadan, and i'm fasting (initially I want to 'MAKI' jek!).

To Miss F**** (if u are my BLOG STALKER, then u'll read this), please acknowledge that before this u had already seeking forgiveness from me when u came to our home in Sentul for your hose connector, saying:

"Minta maafla kalau kite ade buat salah kat Amy ker... bla2..."

Did you forget?

And I can't say anything that time since u DID do something wrong to me before that! U:
-remove me from FB (like I care enough)
-block me FOREVER in FB (that's a little harsh)
-not enough by just removed and blocked me, u BADMOUTHING me in FB Status/Comment (some friend told me that, even though I REALLY didn't ask about u)

I didn't really know what is YOUR PROBLEM with ME???

If it's about the kittens - please be CLEAR that it had NOTHING TO DO WITH U!! why so KEPO??

If it's about moving out from the house - Yeah, the other person really want to live in that house, and I also need to move out.. so why so SENTAP?? Plus, u guys had been so awkward and badmouthing us from behind.. not to mention ur dear 'LITTLE SISTER a.k.a ROOMATE' had been posting some cynical remarks about me on FB (which u guys denied).

And Miss F, about ur statement in FB (which what the friend told me), saying that:

'The owner of Keera (which was ME) only favored and took the CUTE/BEAUTIFUL little kitten and left the others" where u also said "We need to have equal love to all kittens, not only the favorite ones"

Did you forget, when ur dear roomate said she didn't want one of my kittens because she had already fixated on ONE kitten (which is Amoi-gave to my friend), so you backed her up saying:

"Kite kalau dah sayang seekor, kite akan fokus and sayang pada die" - something like that

So, what the h*LL about your 'Equal Love' statement?? so HYPOCRITE!

If you really have the 'Equal Love' thought, u will encourage her to take any of the kittens because u will love them as much as the one kitten you loved.

FYI, I do love them all! Even though I gave the 3 out of 4 to others, I still make sure to get updates about them from the new owners.. Do u even DO THAT?? Oh wait... who are you??? Stop being so KEPOCHI!

And Miss F, I do have the RIGHTS to choose any of my kittens.. since they are MINE, not YOURS!

My ADVICE the SPECIAL Miss F....

Please stop getting INVOLVE in other people matters.
Stop over-SENTAP.
Don't be so HYPOCRITE.
Please GROW UP, will ya? - u're getting married, don't be so CHILDISH

P/s: I already unfollowed and removed u from my bloglist TOO... since u had done it first.. and also, I don't want to know about ur so-called life anymore! But u're welcome to STALK me if u still so KEPO...