Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Korean Drama: Mr. Back

I am a fan of Jang Nara since the 1st time I watch her acting in Successful Story of a Bright Girl on tv sometime in 2002. Then I love her more in My Love Patzzi with Kim Jae Won & Kim Rae Won. I like the drama because she acted alongside Kim Jae Won, my 'ex-beloved' from the drama 'Wuri's Family'.. 

OK, back to the main title.. Mr. Back..

Since I really like Jang Nara, I decided to recap her current drama, Mr. Back.. well, a bit late since the drama currently left with 4 more episodes (finale next week!).. but still.. I want to recap.. LATER... hehe

Overall, Mr. Back is about:-

Title : Mr. Back / 미스터 백
Genre : Rom-Com
Episodes       : 16
Broadcast Network  : MBC
Broadcast Period : 5 November 2014 - 25 December 2014
Air Time : Wed & Thurs 21.55

Official site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/mr/

Storyline/ synopsis

"Mr. Back" is a drama about Choi Go Bong, a 70-year old hotel president, who is oblivious to everything else except himself and money. Choi Go-Bong (Shin Ha-Kyun) is a man in his 70's old and he runs a large corporation. One day, he becomes a man in his 30's by accident and feels love for the first time in his life. Starting over is going to provide him a second chance at living his life right. He will get new lessons in how to relate to others. As a result he may rearrange his priorities. Maybe this time he can make more room for the important things in life, like falling in love.

Cast : 

Shin Ha Kyun as Choi Go Bong, a man in his 70's old and he runs a large corporation/ Choi Shin Hyeong, a man in his 30's old

Jang Na Ra as Eun Ha-soo, a hardworking Candy type who goes from part-time job to part-time job with no prospects. She finally lands her first salaried job and meets the hero, and through him she’ll learn to dream for the first time in her life, while he’ll finally get to experience what love is.

Lee Joon as Choi Dae Han, the son of the conglomerate president Choi Go Bong (Shin Ha Kyun)

Park Ye Jin as Hong Ji Yoon

Jung Suk Won as Jung Yi Gun

Credit info: SamShop Watch (Mr. Back-Soompi Forum)

Ok.. since I'm so bored in the office.. I'm gonna re-watch the episodes and recap one by one until the current episode.. 

Either there will be a lot of recap posts, or there will little.. or none at all.. hahaha...

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