Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Korean Dramas Live Recap

I don't live in Korea, but i still can watch Korean dramas from the Internet especially KBS channel. KBS channel is a lot better view than others. I seldom watch SBS live channel because the channel always stuck when buffers.

I always watch [KBS Live Channel] (works only in Internet Explorer) every Monday and Tuesday to watch Mary Stayed Out All Night.

I tried to watch Secret Garden at [SBS Live Channel] (works only in Internet Explorer) every Saturday and Sunday, but every time the channel get stuck and i could only hear their voices but the screen froze.

The best solution i could get when i couldn't watch the live dramas is by reading [Souls Rebel live recap] for Mary Stayed Out All Night (MSOAN) and Secret Garden (SG). And what do i mean with 'live recap'?? He/She really recap the dramas LIVE (during broadcast)!! Every 5 minutes i would refresh the page so that i know what's going on with the dramas at the time. THUMBS UP for that person!! He/She is a Korean American, but more American than Korean. He/She revealed that information before recapping Mary Stayed Out All Night for episode 7 last night.

There are others that recap those dramas such as at:

But, if you really wants a REAL "LIVE" RECAP, read it at Souls Rebel's!!! ^^

The next day after the live broadcast, they will put up some pictures in their recaps~~ LOVE THEM!!

Another fact that i like about Souls Rebel; i printscreened this from her blog:

Source: Souls Rebel

Just like he/she said in 'Yellow Box' that every blogger has rights to their own opinions. In 'Red Box', he/she didn't even get 'crazily mad' or bash others when he/she discovered at others blog whose opinion on the dramas are different from him/hers. He/She just stating her own opinion about the dramas which i also agree with that!! ^^

The best page i've ever like in Facebook (up-to-date news and it has more than 14k people who like this page currently!!)~~ [Mary Stayed Out All Night (매리는 외박중)]
Aja Aja Fighting!!!

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