Monday, December 6, 2010


Yesterday morning me and my parents went to my younger brother's in law's house at Kg Raja Uda, Pelabuhan Klang to see my one-month-old niece, Alya Aleesya~~

Alya Aleesya Bt Amar Effendy

 In the afternoon I went out to AEON (Jaya Jusco) Bukit Tinggi with my little brother (Aminul) and my two since-highschool-friends (Shai & Maya) to watch "Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hallows (part 1)". Before that, I bought two old Korean Dramas that is on clearance stocks at Speedy.. What do i mean by 'Clearance Stock??"
The Price!!! and each consists of 18-28 episodes..OMG...

"Secret" and "Spring Days".. only RM9.90 each.. who didn't want to buy them?? ^^

The original price for the CDs (after i unwrap the plastic covers)

Secret-RM79.90 ; Spring Days-RM139.90

Then we went to KFC to fill our hunger... we're HUNGRY!!!

KFC Jom Jimat Box B!! hahahaha..

Then at 2pm, we went in TGV to watch Harry Potter..

RM14?? The most expensive movie tix i'd ever bought...huhuhu
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I love this part...
Too many Harry.. Harrys??

The only thing that i hate when watching this film is the SOUND EFFECT!! yess...especially when they did the Teleportation thing... everytime they're teleporting, the sound effect of it will startles me....and i did screamed too because of the shock... Gosh..if i have a heart attack problem, i would die there instantly~~huhuhuhu

Overall, it was an interesting movie..except [Spoiler: Don't Highlight it u don't want to know..hehehe] that it was so sad that Dobby died in this movie.... he was so 'cute' [is the word proper for him??] hahahaha.. He loves Harry so much and he helped Harry and his friends a lot too!! That damn lady (don't remember her name) threw that damn dagger towards him when they're teleporting... *cries*

After the movie, I went straight home to make a homemade ice-cream.

After ice-cream making, I got so tired and sleepy.. I went to sleep at 715pm, intentionally want to wake up at 930pm by setting up the alarm... But at the end??

I overslept until 3am the next morning....

The alarm??

I don't remember hearing it~~




  1. Bellatrix Black...
    So disappointed dat the director didn't include my favourite Kreacher's dialogue,
    "Perhaps just one more, Master Harry, for luck?"

  2. when he caught mundungus fletcher and interrogating him.. He was hitting flecther with a saucer pan b4 harry stopped him.

  3. ahahahaha...that's funny... why didn't they include that dialogue~~