Sunday, May 1, 2011

After I watched Kimi No Kioku Wo Boku Ni Kudasai~~

What can I say after I watch this movie?

I kinda hate this kind of heroine's character (of any movies or drama): 
"Have someone you love for a long time, but then changes your love to another man after spending some time with him; just because your love one is not by your side for a while/moment or you're temporarily forget him. - Noted that the love one is still loving her. "

That's the feeling I got after watching this movie and "Spring Day" (Korean drama). I just don't understand why these two heroines would have a quick change of heart of the man they loved. It's just so pitiful for the man they loved at first because those man were so in love with them and felt betrayal from their love one.

I love Kim Jae Wook but in Kimi No Kioku Wo Boku Ni Kudasai, why he has to be the one that betrayed his best friend Kim Joon by confusing Kim Joon's girlfriend as his ex-lover that has died a long time ago. Things get complicated when Minamisawa's amnesia got her mind confused Kim Jae Wook for Kim Joon and started to fall in love with him for real after regained her memories. WHY????? Even though I don't particularly love Kim Joon..but..Poor Kim Joon!!!

Kim Joon, Minamisawa Nao, Kim Jae Wook

The same thing happened in Spring Day drama.... I do like Jo In Sung, but after he fall in love with his brother's lover and vice versa, I kinda hate both of them for hurting Ji Jin Hee's feeling... 

Jo In Sung, Go Hyun Jung, Ji Jin Hee

**I love Kim Joon's and Kim Jae Wook's japanese language....