Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sign of Korea! Part 2....

Finally.. Part 2 exists!! hehehe... 

Took 2 days for me to update it because the Internet connection (my neighbour's actually) made a fuss.

This time we got to go to EVERLAND!!! (Winter 2008 we went to Lotte World). A lot of dramas had their amusement park scenes here in Everland... The first drama I noticed was MY LOVE PATZZI!!! They shot the entire episodes in EVERLAND~~ 

ONE MOM THREE DADS also had their scenes here (where the three guys brought Na Young a.k.a Eugene and baby Ha Seon to have fun while vacation in episode 15)..

Posing before entering~
Everland Entrance

We're going to ride that wooden roller coaster!

Enjoying the moment!

Everland Parade in the evening.. could see the steepest wooden roller coaster behind

Polar Bear

Cute Sea lion and Penguins

There should be a lot more pictures taken (by my friends).. I was too lazy to take all the pictures from them~ ^^

Another day in Korea...
Song Joong Ki+Yoo Chun+Kim Hyun Joong spotted!!

Sundubu Chigae (Tofu Stew?), Kimchi and Pajeon.. Super Delicious!!!

Pose for the camera in our guesthouse b4 we start our day...say cheese!

A start of our journey everyday in subway train

Hoping it was a real Song Joong Ki.. hehehe

Almost everyone here bought a Polaroid Camera..except for me.. I just bought an MP4 player

Tense... ^^

Shopping for souvenirs in Namdaemun!

Sophie took our pic!

My friend who's wandering alone in Myeongdong spotted Song Hae Gyo..lucky her!!

Our lovely Guesthouse!

While watching 49 Days episode 19 live in Korea
Our Scheduler.. Jung Il Woo
As he fades away.......

There's a lot more... but I think that's it for now~

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