Sunday, November 13, 2011

A lot to download.. a lot to watch...

I was so bored that I couldn't stop sitting, laying, sleeping in front of my Mr. Toshi every boring days~
What the hell am I doing then?


I found this 'HEAVEN' for Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese/China dramas&movies website for download!! Why did I say 'Heaven'? Coz all the files had been encoded to smaller size and it's free!! No need to register except if u want to request any dramas in their forum~~

There's already a tons of dramas and movies that I'd download and already burned them in DVD so that I can save up some spaces in Mr. Toshi + I can watch them later whenever I want to.. The truth is that I'd download them so much that I had no time yet to watch all of them... hehehe

Currently I'm watching Korean drama called "Loving You Thousand Times" consists of 55 episodes.. I am still downloading it right now [episode 46] and now still watching it at episode 22. While downloading the drama, I download Korean drama "Dong Yi" at the same pace of their episodes coz they both has 55 episodes each all together~ But I will watch Dong Yi after I watch Loving You Thousand Times (maybe?).

There's still a lot of Japanese dramas that had been downloaded but not yet watched.. such as:

HACHI-ONE DIVER (watch episode 1)
KOIZORA drama (watch episode 1-3)
REBOUND (watch episode 1)
UNUBORE DEKA (watch episode 1-4)- extremely funny!!
IMOUTO YO - an old drama 1994 (watch episode 1-3)

{ I will watch all of this whenever I had the time.. when will it be? }

The website provide dramas to be downloaded from Megaupload and Mediafire. The best to download the files is to download it from Megaupload coz most of the dramas from Mediafire can't be accessed anymore.
Download JDownloader and use it to download all the dramas from Megaupload links!! So easy and faster~

My mind is in a mess right now coz I pause the drama while watching coz I want to write this entry and I also want to watch Dong Yi at the same time.. But I'll patiently wait until i finished all the episodes first~ [A lot of animes had to be watched too!!!! arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!]


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