Monday, November 28, 2011

My Lucky Number

I watched a Korean movie called "BLIND" starring Kim Ha Neul and our cutie Yoo Seung Ho last week and spotted this one scene... but only now I had the time to write in this blog~ 


'coz there's a lot of things I want to do such as Downloading movies/dramas --> Encode them to smaller size --> Archive them in WinRar --> Upload them in Embedupload --> Post the links in Doramax264 site (I'm one of the encoder there) for people to download them. All of this done while watching and pausing dramas in GOM Player and VLC Player (yeah.. sometimes I used 2 player to watch dramas ^^)

OK, Back to my spotted scene;

My Lucky Num!

And why is that my lucky number? 
22 - My Birthdate
85 - My Birthyear
21 2285? - My friends know what number is that!! ^^

Well, this scene is when the Detective tried to search every black Peugeot cars (that model-I don't know any Peugeot model) in order to catch the criminal a.k.a the rapist+murderer.

Didn't expect to see my fav numbers in a car's plate number~

* Okay..i'm gonna resume on what I was doing... getting my headache worsen up....*