Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally...some work..but??

For the past two days i've been busy with work?? Can i call it WORK?? yup..maybe??

To start it with, a man (our company's some kind of boss) called me on Tuesday night (yeah..ladies night ^^), informing about the canceled meeting for early tomorrow at TM Cyberjaya (yeah, 'that' was sudden news too before). Thought that i would be glad to hear about that.. A' ah...Nope! He told me that even though the meeting was canceled, but I had to go to some school at KL early tomorrow morning~~


I asked him, "What?? me alone??"(the thought of driving KL on top of that.. SCARES me)

He replied, "No..both of u, with Aidiyusuf Amran (the other PGS)"...

Huh..that made me relieved a bit~ he's my friend and i'm really glad that it's with him... ^^ (a man..someone reliable if we ever get lost in KL town?? hehehe)

Back to main story..we have to go to SMK Seri Saujana at KL...uhh..where is it again?? KL... do i know KL very well?? NOPE!!! so?? i have to ask uncle Google's son.. Google Map~~

Mr Map.. owh Mr. Map.. so, where is this SMK Seri Saujana?? i need to go from Hulu Langat.. owh, need to mention this, i'm the one whose driving~~ why? what about the MAN i told before? hmm..he's not used to drive other's MANUALLY DRIVE car... sigh.....

So..after some searching with Mr Map..this is the result:

Supposedly it will only takes only around 33minutes to arrive there, but how long did we took?? 1 hour!!! why? well..we did get lost around there..and there..and many places started from here:
We should take left turn, but we missed it~ so the lost journey start then.. ^^

But we manage to arrived around 8am, where we supposedly to be there on 815am.. we're good huh?? hehehe... so there it is SMK Seri Saujana.. erm. didn't take the school's photo... quite a pity because their school kind of huge too...

After the dealing with the principal and ICT teacher, we manage to get to the computer's lab and started our work?

Some ping test and browsing the EduWebTV
My partner, Aidi is checking the PCs..
Some problem occurred? Too much traffic i think..
Huge lab, or too few PCs?? hehehe..


The next day, on Thursday... we need to go to SK Pendidikan Khas (B) Jalan Batu, KL. KL again???? yeah, KL again.. i'm starting to hate the letter K and L.

The lost AGAIN journey started same as before~~ ^^

But after asking an uncle who apparently buying some cigarettes at 7 Eleven Jalan TAR, we managed to get to the school. (Actually i went there to ask the cashier girl, but you me...doesn't know streets too well..hehehe).

We parked the car about 150m from the school (it's hard to find any parking spaces around the school + complicated route to get there). So we need to park the car and cross the road to get to that school.. Adventure enough??? hahahaha..

Unfortunately?? or Happily?? the computer's lab roof in that school had collapsed since a month ago.. So, we don't have any ping test or browsing to do then... I took the pictures as a proof for our company.

 After that, we left the school to have some breakfast at Restoran Nasi Kandar.. Then we went to Maju Junction Mall by walking (it's just about 50m only).. Then we headed back to Hulu Langat, but not before we checked out the big map in front of the school to go back home.. hehehe ^^

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