Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Item...after Mr. Nokia and Mr. Toshi

I bought new item today.. it's Mr. Olympus!! A new Digital Camera for me~~ (I never had my own digital camera).. me, Nur Ekin and her mother (Norhayati Saiddin) went to Tesco Semenyih to buy some ingredients for school tomorrow... and we passed this camera+handphones corner.. usually we didn't even stop by.. but what had CAUGHT our eyes???? OLYMPUS Digital Camera that is on sale with only RM599 + 8GB Memory Card (Free)... I was like "OMG...if only i had enough money~~"

At first, it is acik Yati that wanted to buy the camera and picked up the Red colour.. While the cashier/salesman is busy filling up some form, she asked me..

"Come Amy, buy one..."

But, the broke (no money) me said, 

"I don't have enough money..(sob sob)"

Being the ever good godmother to me, she said..

"It's ok, just take one, i paid it using my credit card, then you can paid it back to me by installment every month.."

My reaction???

Of course...OMG again (plus a bit embarassed..being broke)!!
Thanks acik Yati~~

Then the salesman showed me the other two colours; Black and White. Black is being too common colour for cameras. White is gorgeous, but i can't handle any white things!! they can easily get dirtied by me..hehehe. Acik Yati then said that she likes white more than red, so we switched them. I took the Red one, she took the White one.. DEAL!!
Need to recharge it up to 6 hours~~ ^^

~Extremely Happy~


  1. huawalawei...aku yg msh terkedek2 simpan duit nk beli digi camera, kamu yg bli dulu. wei..when we meet up, bring along your camera. aku nak pose2 utk camera baru. Hahaah!!! =D

  2. hahaha..boleh2... aku blik jumaat nti.. kamoo ade x nti? we could meet up then ^^

  3. aku tiada la. bw budak p mandi lost world tambun... raya haji nnt br baliks...