Monday, January 3, 2011

Secret Garden's Fav Scenes!!

Every week I'll watch Secret Garden episodes whether via Kimchidrama or Natnatvip Online .. and now i'm catching up to watch episode 15&16!! yeay~~ Before that, there is a lot of my favs scenes in Secret Garden drama... and here is some of them~~

Ep. 5
Cheeky conversation between Ra Im and Oska that made Joo Won gagged.. hahaha

Ep. 6
Oska put his hands on Ra Im (Joo Won) and get the warning... ^^

Ep. 9
Hug Scene after they swapped to normal again..Joo Won is So SWEET..kya~~

Ep. 10
Funny and absurd reasons to just meet her.. ^^

The most natural, original and sweet Foam Kiss...

There's more.. but i'll put it up later~~ ^^

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